Short-cut for switching mini-map mode

Personally, I use the full map mini-map in PvP, but while that does give me a look over the whole battlefield at a quick glance, it’s less accurate in telling me whats happening close to me, but the default mini-map does achieve this.

So, I thought it would be nice if you could change this setting on the fly with a quick short cut. Preferably so that you could choose a default and pressing a button would bring up another minimap mode, as a toggle or a hold. I think PvE already has this, too.


could be right on the d-pad on controllers. afaik it doesnt do anything currently.

edit: in pve, down on the dpad brings up the fullscreen map, if they switched it to right we could have it in pvp too

I’d like the same shortcut for skill activation quick/instant :confused:

I’d love it if we had character specific settings/keybindings.

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I would love this game to fix many many many little things that are annoying. But hey, 10 months later, we still have the same issues.

At least they did a great job with balancing Mellka these past 3 months. Said no one. Ever.

that… would… be… so… AWESOME!!!