Short Fuse vs Hollow Point?

Do both work together, or the like?

They’re not related whatsoever, and they both can work simultaneously.

Fair enough. It just annoys me that in some cases, my Offense based Moze still seems to take longer to take down bosses than say my FL4K or Zane.

What’s your build, weapons, and anointments? Moze should have zero issues with dps with proper set up.

Demo Woman tree all the way down, secondary is Bottomless Mags. I run everything from a Nemesis pistol to Heartbreaker shotgun, Ogre AR, Boomer SMG, etc. I can do the job, though I think I just picked up a Bloodletter on another char that has either generic crit damage, generic weapon damage, or both. My FL4K eats things alive due to having Megavore and +45% Jakobs crit, for instance, and using almost all Jakobs, etc.

Follow this route
For demolition woman skills

What mod are you currently using?

Well Hollow Point requires a critical kill to activate so it’s entirely possible that short fuse gets a kill instead even though you hit a crit to proc it and then you won’t proc Hollow Point due to that.

That’s true.

I honestly don’t care about hollow point or even think about it ever haha

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the “critical kill” skills on moze are one of my biggest pet peeves. she has so many secondary damage effects going on that the chance your crit actually claims the kill is very unlikely.