Short montage - killing bandits (Moze)

Hello guys. I made a short montage, using my most favourite build for Moze that makes both Iron bear and Moze really powerfull, even on M4. Let me know if you like it. :slight_smile:

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+5 points for not having a personal intro (those drive me crazy) (+2 bonus points for the quick-and-to-the-point title overlay)
+5 points for not going through your build or loadout (not needed for this sort of video)
+5 points for not asking for a like or subscribe (and 2 bonus points for having a useful, tactful, legible message at the end)

Music is always a risk because you’re facing the tastes of the general population, so that’s always a roll of the dice, so I’m usually forgiving here, but for me personally, this song totally works. (I’ve made a number of montage videos like this from BL2 that I keep for personal, “get psyched” reasons, and this song definitely works here for me). +5

+5 points for editing the video to the cadence of the music (including to a certain extent the nature of the combat as well).

Overall - loved it and I want more. If this was a pre-release trailer for BL3, it would be my favorite out of all of them. I have literally one subscription on Youtube, and that’s a friend who dabbles in underwater videography. You make a channel with this content, and you’ll be an easy second.

Welcome to the forums by the way. In answer to your question about the build, I’ll pass, but I’d love more of this sort of content. :metal:

Thank you for your constructive feedback. I love to sometimes make this quick sort of videos when i have the vision of it in my mind, but sadly I don’t have too much time fort this because I have normal job. I will try to make more sometimes :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks a lot again :slightly_smiling_face:

It does take a while to do it right (spent many hours on my BL2 ones), but so fantastic when done right.