Short Newbish Gaige questions

Enemies need to be in hugging distance for Shock Storm to take effect, so I do think it might be a attempt at balancing the skill for DT since he is a aggro magnet.

Still, I like Shock Storm now it does good damage, but I would love if the radius could be increased.

Not burning all the stacks. Just keep it on until you clear the camp you are at then repeat. With RA and TI, you are going to end with some stacks even with Discord on all the time, as the point here is to one shot with snipers.
Maybe some pre-stack is needed, at least to the 100 stacks range so you can safely burn some of them through Discord and still keep a good amount after all the clean up.

My doubt now is what should be better, a Snider with a Necromancer COM or maybe stick with Jakobs ones and the Prodigy COM.
Also, Droogs seems pretty nice with TBH boost.

Both of those combinations seem great.
Droog + TBH boost + lower base damage and DOT proc, though…yeah, could work with good shooting, but I can already hear the plaintive call: “Hey! Could you give me some of those bullets back?”
This might be a weapon where the lack of crit skills weighs heavy, although I’ll gladly keep an open mind since I haven’t tried one on her in ages.

I wonder if that plays out due to the different parts that go into “accuracy”? If I remember correctly (not guaranteed because lack of coffee right now) there’s the weapon spread, sway, recovery, and chance to hit. (I don’t know if recoil fits under the accuracy umbrella or not, but that’s another potential factor.) Folks have already commented on discord reducing spread, which gives you a better chance of hitting if your aim centre is on target, but doesn’t help if you’ve struggling to tame that Hyperion beast before its first shot. There’s quite a bit going on under the hood, and I’m not sure you’d get the full picture without being able to dig into the actual code.

Agreed. I only rarely look for dev blogs and so forth (not sure if I’m worried about immersion being broken or something) but a more detailed discussion about this from GBX would be very interesting.

It’s pretty rare for me to use manufacturer relics, but I’ve always felt that (apart from fire rate) acc. recovery is the most telling - although that’s arguably because the relics I have used have mostly been the Jakobs ones.

That’s probably a mistake, given that those relics might provide a better insight into the mechanics.

When triggering Discord with a Hyperion weapon I usually fire the first chance I get anyway, so I haven’t really thought about weapon sway for those weapons in particular.
The sooner those stabilizers can kick in, the better :acmwink:

But yeah, both sway and spread feel distinctly different when Discord is triggered, and then feel different again with a Necro COM - only a different sort of different…
(I think I could use some coffee too.)

The Boston’s Best is kicking in gradually here.

Yeah, I think that even swaping the Droog for a Lyuuda, the Snider should be the more ammo-efficient choice as the splash is boosted by Anarchy too.
One more thing to test, just need to reach 72/OP8 again :frowning:

Talking about splash damage only makes me sad that the Cobra’s splash gets no benefit from Anarchy :confused:

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Been over a month now but I saw no change in the number for the splash damage when I gave the Cobra a spin; a Muck easily outperforms it.

Never knew it. The Cobra is so screwed, oh my.
The splash isnt buffed by grenade damage nor Anarchy.

Again? Did your save get corrupted or haven’t you done that with Gaige yet? Sorry if you’ve told us before, I have an appallingly bad memory.

Didn’t know that. I guess it’s a good thing I’ve only gotten one drop of it in my entire BL2 career, then…:acmsad:

It can’t process Blood Bath and doesn’t get grenade damage either.

My old PS3 is resting in peace so I started it all over again in a new one. Didnt save my files anywhere, one mistake that I wont repeat.
This is actually the third time Im starting BL2 from zero due to console issues, haha.

Ooof. My condolences.
Personally I like starting freshplays, leveling a bunch of new chars and so on, but it’s always been a choice rather than a necessity.

Welp, have fun. Again :acmwink:

Zero stacks

400 stacks

Conclusion: The Cobra’s splash is boosted by Anarchy. Which is to be expected with additive gun damage.

(Both pics are splash only, so not bullet+splash) OP8 Cobra w/ ~10 million damage

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I call hax, or my mind is messing with me. WHen I was giving it a spin it didn’t give me any good numbers, none that seemed to change anyway.

Probably the latter. Khim is on point when it comes to testing, so I doubt there’s anything wrong here.

Besides, it would be weird to only have 1 gun in the entire game who’s splash could not be boosted by gun damage buffs.

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Yeah. I’ll need to give it another shot when I gett back to BL2.

I concure: I can also attest to @khimerakiller’s dilligence.