Short song about Caldarius

All you do is Double jump jump jump jump jump,
when you see an enemy just flash flash flash flash flash bang,
oh no I just got slowed slowed slowed slowed,
don’t worry because I (activate ult) can flllllllllllyyyyyy,
Dunkin every niiiiiiiiggghht
F*ck you Benedict…I can get out quick
Running for my liiiiiiiffffeee
Hitting them right in the eeeyyees
(Stop singing)
I mean look at them scrambling around like idiots (laughs) that guy just ran off a cliff! (Laughing more)
(Back to singing)
Oh god it’s phoebe I better ru…(dead)
Good thing I got respawn so I can do the same stuff ag-ga-ga-gain
What is that stuff you may ask?
(Repeat up to stop singing part)
It’s not my faaaaaallllut fooorrrr being an absolute metal unicorn I am
Wether you like it up close or from the skiiiiiies
Because there’s only thing on my mind
And that’s to kill kill kill kill kill.

Well that’s the song and I hope you enjoyed it


Hmmmm… I could review your song… or I could post these emojis…

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Hey I could make a Benedict song to make it even

Does it involve Caldarius shoving his TMP up my ass?

Well no i have my favorites but Benedict is still the best rocket slingin, high flying, taunting enthusiast of a bird you’ll ever find in a game

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You are forgiven.
Here is an unrelated pineapple emoji.


Thank you I shall enjoy it


backs away slowly


“Where you runnin? I ain’t done”

I have but no more likes to give. Take this adorable thing instead :ram:

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hahahaha i love your song. you killed me LOL xD

I genuinely laughed at this XD this is clearly something he would say XD

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Though what’s the song you’re paroding though is it that TS song?

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A couple of the lines were based on the song (when can I see you again) by owl city

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