Short wait times a lie?

I had a great time playing this game in beta, sometimes the wait time would take quite a bit (15 minutes or so) but now?.. My wait time is labeled as short and I’ve been searching for a match for over 8 hours without finding a game. I’ve tried searching every live match and refreshing, yet still haven’t found a game.

Where are you located? If you’re on PC you can change your steam download region to get better queue times.

I’m connected to the Steam Seattle-region servers and wait times are consistently about 15 seconds. If you’re having problems, try switching to a different Steam server, perhaps whichever high-population server (North America, I guess?) is closest to you in terms of ping.

Which platform? Steam seems to run messy matchmaking, but on XB1 we had no issues at all, never took longer than 2 minutes.

I’m playing on PC, going to try changing my download location and see if that helps? I’m outside the US, is there a good way to tell the pop for each server loc?

I’m not sure how Gearbox set up the matchmaking system. It may or may not map 1:1 to the steam servers. For example they might map all of the North American locations to one North American Gearbox server, or they might split in west/east halves like some companies do.

I don’t know if there’s any way to check server population, but you can get a good guess based on whether it’s between 5pm and 11pm (prime time) in that particular time zone. Population is always higher then since people are getting off work/after dinner, etc.

You should run an experiment by testing different servers until you find one that works for you. SCIENCE!