Shortcut for switching action skill element

I think the biggest issue I have with Amara right now is the fact that I can’t quickly change her action skill element in game, especially since I invested 5 points in infusion skill because I think it’s awesome. It’s so annoying when for example I’m fighting a bunch of maliwan soldiers with shock element, then all of the suddden, a badass shock damage soldier appears and he’s resistant (or sometimes even immune) to shock so I have to either take 30 sec to a minute to open the menu, go to skill tree and select another element or just keep shooting him and ignoring the RESIST or IMMUNE spam on my screen. Something like FL4K attack command (holding action skill) would be one hell of a good idea.


I very much agree. I don’t know how element quick swapping wasn’t the bonus ability(like flak’s pets or zane’s extra action skill) for amara.

you know
i disagreed with this post at first
i disagreed with a lot of complaints about how people weren’t able to swap on the fly

i basically saw it as “well, she at least has the capability to swap to a weakness, unlike anyone else, even though she has less options and customization in her loadout than anyone else”

but, you know what

i disagree with my previous disagreement

this actually does make sense

i wouldn’t object to getting rid of the fire/corrosive augments and adding something entirely different to their spots on the talent tree, but then removing the elemental slot from her loadout entirely, so she only gets one single augment, with one single ability, and then giving her a mechanic that lets her swap elements on the fly, instead, that actually does sound pretty great, honestly

also, side note/side rant/mildly relevant

when i first played the game, i thought this, too
i was actually super in love with her ability to have this, along with conflux

the combination of elements is so satisfying, as someone who has an extreme bond with DoTs in games

unfortunately, they both seem… so lackluster

i really hope they put out a balance patch, and don’t just pretend these issues don’t exist, because they really don’t scale well at all in late game

and i feel like these issues plagued BL2 and TPS (unsure about 1, i didn’t play that one much at all)
let’s just hope they treat this game better, since they already made a knee jerk hotfix to torgue weapoons and the crazy shotgun DoTs
it’s a pve game with some crazy stuff… if you want to balance it… then… balance… it
if not, then… don’t?
(literally 4head pipebomb atm)
like i dunno, their priorities just bug me

infusion REDUCES your damage, like literally, making it pretty bad, it’s better to just have a weapon that can directly affect the weakness of the enemy’s current health type

and conflux… just deals pitiful damage, all the time, i don’t think it scales with anything at all, unless i’m misunderstanding something

@Nymphalidae BL1 DoT was crazy good. It was additive. In BL2 and beyond is is multiplicative. A percentage of a percentage is always going to be a weak relative increase.

i didn’t play BL1 besides like 10 minutes in Fyrestone, i still kinda kick myself to this day over it, but yea, it means i can’t speak much to this

to be fair, if DoTs simply stacked in intensity, it wouldn’t be much of a problem

for some reason, i thought BL2 DoTs did that, and didn’t just refresh the duration, i thought i read somewhere that said they stacked up to 6 times in that game, but i honestly can’t remember

in this game, there’s definitely no stacking in intensity at all, it’ll only refresh the duration

but, yes, while a percent of a percent is a low number, a lot of low numbers can still add up to a big number over time, and “over time” is… literally in the name of DoT, so you’d expect a DoT’s strength to be in the “over time” aspect, as in, having it be backloaded

quick math/long rant time

i have a Bitch that hits for 226, with a 285 radiation proc, while the fire rate is 10/s, and reload is 3s

radiation lasts for 8 seconds

10 shots a second with a 50 mag size means i have to reload every 5 seconds, for 3 seconds, which is also 8 seconds

assuming those timings are perfect and everything is 100%, radiation would only deal 2,280 DoT damage every time the gun itself dealt 11,300 damage, and that’s ignoring crits

that sounds like absolute hot flaming garbage

but if DoTs stacked to, let’s say, like, 10?
the first second, after 10 shots, assuming each proc’d, it’d deal 2,850 damage, give or take the in-betweeny-damage because of the way DoTs deal their damage, i think they’re in packets of 3 times a second, and how the timing would connect them, but, yea

with the remaining 4 seconds left for the entire clip to empty, the radiation procs would deal 11,400 damage, totaling to 14,250

then, during 3 seconds of reloading, dealing an additional 8,550 damage

so by the time the weapon dealt 11,300 damage, and was ready to go with the next reload, the DoT would have dealt 22,800 damage

that’s A LOT in comparison, a little over twice as much

now, if we reduce the DoTs damage by half, or make it only stack to 5 instead of 10, assuming some odd balancing takes place, that’d still be 11,400 damage being dealt from 10 shots, in the same time the Bitch got to fire its entire clip for 11,300, and reload

again, assuming first 10 triggered each hit, which is unlikely, so while it sounds strong, it’s not “that” strong

and then, again again, we’re also not counting crits, which would still favor the actual guns damage, because i don’t believe critting on a status proc’d hit increases the DoTs damage

but that IS what’s supposed to be the pros and cons to these, or, at least, you’d expect it to be;

the benefit of direct hits is it’s frontloaded, and can crit for more damage

the benefit of a DoT is that it’s backloaded, meaning while you do other things, such as action abilities, swap weapons for other elements, take cover, loot, etc, you can still deal the damage

the cons to a direct shot would be that you need to crit to make the most out of it, and you need to be constantly firing to make the most out of it

the cons to a DoT would be that you can’t burst something down as fast as direct shots

that’s what a DoT should be doing, but that’s not how it works at all in this game, i’m pretty sure that most of the time, besides a few VERY SPECIFIC things, such as the Cutsman, the melee 100% chance burn relic, and… well, while leveling up to 50, DoT damage is so negligible, you could effectively have a 0 status effect chance in this game, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING would change in your experience at level 50 Mayhem 3

plus, as an added note, Amara, being the elemental powerhouse that she is, is able to have that DoT duration doubled, and even further than double due to class mods, allowing it to backload even more damage, which is exactly what you’d expect from the elemental character, or at least, in my opinion

this would give her even more access to even more time to do everything else, such as swap weapons for different elements, save ammo, do other actions, shoot other enemies, etc

plus, applying other weak elements such as from the Tsunami or Conflux —if it scaled well— would also be… interesting, if they stacked, even if they dealt like half or even 25%

25% twice is still half, and we have 4 DoT types in this game, so that’s still really powerful


it just seems like this game favors big damage modifiers for insta-crit-kills on everything, even bosses

it’s basically fine, that’s how BL2 was, and i still enjoyed thousands of hours in that game, and i’m expecting the same out of this game, but, meh

as a bonus edit side note of a side note involving Amara:

infusion dealing 40% damage would also still be really powerful, if DoTs stacked

assuming you hit for 1,000 damage, you hit for 600 base and 400 elemental, then maybe 200/s or even 100/s DoT, that 200/s or 100/s racking up to 2,000/s or 1,000/s is still also lot, and this is also ignoring other elements being available to do the same

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@Nymphalidae My comment about percent of percent was in regards to the bonuses from skills. If something is a 20% chance to proc and I increase it by 20%, it is relevant to understand if it is additive or multiplicative. Additive would make it a 40% increase. Most games, not just borderlands don’t do that. It would be multiplicative. 20% increase of 20% is now 24%. Another one you’ll is damage reduction or cool down. I can’t think of any game with additive damage reduction or cool down. It’s always multiplied so you get negative returns. So that you can never truly reach 100%

As far as the damage not stacking or just being added to the other dot after all the other calculations, then yea that weakens it for sure.

uh, oh
for some reason i thought you meant infusion, since that’s what was in my comment in the first place

i thought you meant 40% from infusion, then the DoT being a % of that

but, yea

to expand on this

going to my above rant, as i mentioned, you could have a 100% proc chance, and the DoT damage would still be negligible, save for a few very specific applications such as Cutsman and the melee damage relic

so i still think the chance % being multiplicative is “meh” overall, it’s more about how much damage these things are doing, or, well, aren’t doing, at the moment…

at least, that’s how it feels to me, i guess i could still be wrong and maybe i’m doing something wrong with DoTs

though, yes, don’t get me wrong

i still understand how problematic it is that wasting 5 points into a talent for a 4% increased chance to proc is, that’s still pretty trashy and should change

only problem is, if it were additive, i still don’t think it’d make DoTs very strong at all, still

I did in my first run through. Then I realized it wasn’t all that great and took away from main DPS.
I still keep 1 point in it to keep enemy shields from regenerating, but I leave it alone beyond that.

I too only played a little BL1 back in '10, too many issues. But all that’s fixed now.
If you have the spare cash, I’d recommend picking up the April 2019 remaster of BL1. Fixes many things, adds minimap and auto-ammo pickup, controls are much more precise, graphics are outstanding, and so on.
I have a blast playing it (alternating with BL3), still put in a few hours a week

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