Shorten respawn time please

30 seconds and 40 seconds is too long just to get back into multiplayer every time a person dies it’s just too long to wait to get back into the game can you please shorten the respawn time 15 seconds 20 second would be good I mean this is the reason why I don’t play smite and another thing is you please disable surrender option in multiplayer cuz everytime I try to get into a match and the game begin a group a group of people want to surrender because they’re not happy with the character they have or literally lose it and we just want to play for fun so please disable surrender feature in the game I really don’t want that in our game people are abusing the feature so please remove it I’m tired of people want to surrender all the time for no apparent reason and this is on the Xbox One

So far i havnt had a match be surrendered (someone tried but nobody else voted for it)

As for the respawn times i like them. Sure it sucks you have to wait so long but its to reward the other team for pushing up well enough and to stop a match from instantly becoming a stalemate. Lets not forget on incursion you spawn literally right behind your last sentry so if you could respawn quickly it would just make it so the other team wouldnt be able to do damage and cause the match to needlessly drag on.

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Long time to respawn is indication that dying is bad in this game.

Surrender should be removed because there’s too many players once it quit in the beginning of the match I have this done at least 15 times now we should just play all the way through the game even if we lose makes no sense have that feature on why can’t we just play the game for fun the developers need to remove the feature

No idea why its there really as if a team needs to use it the match wont last very long anyway.

Yes it is when your other teammates are doing no good and you’re better than them I mean don’t you want to just want to get into the game quicker to help them out that’s what team play is

The surrender feature is useful for the match where a player disconnect, to avoid unbalanced teams (4v5 or 3v5)… And it happens a lot unfortunately.

But even if I didn’t experienced the surrender for no legitimate reasons yet, I understand your frustration !

I don’t usually have connection problems but they do need to shorten the respond time in multiplayer I mean it’s okay if they can just put it for 20 seconds I know and smite it goes up to 90 seconds two other people were complaining about the same thing

Of course you would want to get into game quicker, but the enemy team is also viable for reward for taking down the best player on your team. Let them celebrate for a bit.

Don’t die so much. If you find yourself low on health teleport back to base for a free heal.

I like the respawning time… It’s part of the games tactics…
Don’t die often? Less respawn time…
Die too often? Try dying less…
Like battling other players in matches? Well, may the better player win and the loser suffer the consequences with a longer respawn…
Try flight over fight?.. Reconsider your game plan?.. Take time to think about your role in the team?.. Just some options there to ponder
And as for surrender… Vote no? Let your voice be known!
Draw the short straw, bad match up (it’s the beta, better/fairer match ups will happen/or should happen with full release), team members dropped out?
It sucks… But try to just have fun!
Even if it means you get your butt kicked (and I have, both fairly, and unfairly), at least I’m learning new ways to play, seeing how other people play, their tactics, etc…
Being a badass can’t come easy! (Or quickly, in this circumstance)

20 seconds should be the response time in multiplayer they should fix that problem I heard somebody in the game guide by the response time is 60 Seconds and another person said they died 50 seconds and they couldn’t get into the game we played two times this is what I mean there’s too many players can’t get into the game fast enough coming gearbox says they want the game want to play for fun the next game is more like smite then a different type of game time shorten the response time to 20 seconds please that way other players can get into the game fast enough to help the other choir teammates who is also dying and can’t get it as well and then leave quietly 2 or 3 times a month and we lose the match because there’s not enough pain meds to help each other out that is not fair for other players like me are good

When the developer says they want to make the game different than a typical mobile and have shorter response time they should mean what they say and do it what do end up with another bad game of smite 20 seconds isn’t a bad thing

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I completely disagree.

This gameplay mechanic is a staple in almost every “Moba” type game. The more you die, the longer your timer gets. At first, you respawn right away. Everytime you die, the timer gets longer. The mechanic in this game is slightly different but the reasoning is still there.

This prevents deadlocked matches and punishes blind rushing. Without the mechanic, it would be near impossible to push. Especially in a game like this where there is only 1-2 lanes.

Instead of asking for the mechanic to change, you should improve yourself so you aren’t giving up crucial deaths late in a match.


That may be true but when the Developers say they don’t want to make mobe then they should keep what they say and it to be true but the problem is not just me but other players are dying so fast in the game in multiplayer and one person says they can’t get back into the game because the response time is 60 Seconds I have not experienced that yet usually no longer than 30 seconds but still why can’t it be 20 seconds should be good enough for all players of skill and that’s just half of the problem the other one is people are surrendering because they want to go after the opponents not upgrading stuff around them for example likely the game last night some guy kept saying go kill the enemy where are we have to kill the minions to win and because some of us want to kill the minions to win he preferred to go and kill the opponent this is the problem a lot of players are facing response time needs to be 20 seconds and remove the option of surrendering because the guy wanted to kill the players and not support the team but we couldn’t get back into the game to help the idiot when you have to kill the minions what helps us to win the game that’s the object of the game is to kill the minions to prevent them from scoring points not going after the other opponents so the idiot wants to surrender and other or one of the other idiots surrender to within a few minutes and we were winning the match this is the problem that gearbox needs to face how can the game be fun if we have players like this who don’t want to follow the rules of the game

I agree. The wait times are in place for balancing reason. The larger the gap in score the more time between respawn. The more kills without dying the longer the respawn.