Shotgun/Character question

Just Finished a quick playthrough in BL2 the presequel with Athena, found her alright,(not level caped yet tho), I figured i am going to give other characters a shot also before i make my final choice on which character to fully commit to (I did finish the Main story with Athena).

I tend to fall back on shotguns/close range guns, my question is which character is good with shotguns, but isnt Nisha(I tried her and feel like its easy mode).

Wilhelm has tanking abilities and a COM for shotguns. He does the best with either Hyperion or Torgue imo, but almost all work.

Aurelia is really good with Jakobs and Hyperion shotties in particular. Claptrap loves any shotgun with a small mag, but does the best with Torgue barrel shotguns (so ravagers, quads, etc…)

Jack is Jack and can use anything, though you’ve probably seen what he can do with Jakobs in particular.

The character you are playing is very good for exactly how you like to play. Her shield and blood rushing is great for tanking and go right up to the enemy’s face. While shes very good with shotguns she isn’t the best though with them. But if shotguns and close range are what you like just stuck with her for a little longer. If you don’t like her and its not working for you try the chracters mentioned above. Athena is a great chracter.