Shotgun & Ignite question

What’s so good about the brainstormer, that I heard it mentioned a fewe times

I got one

And it looks average to me… this blue Shotgun seems even better for Amara Elemental build with its higher elemental damage per second, isn’t it?

Also confused by this item, what does ignite do exactly?

Is it just taking fire damage for 5 seconds/
I.e it 100% proc when crit? seems like a nice gun! :smiley:

brainstormer shoots chain lightning if enemies are close, companion is okay, the status dot is not super high tho, but reliable if you crit… ah yeah ignite means you apply the incendiary status

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Chain lightning!
Ha yes I saw it, but I thought it was my electric banjo! :open_mouth:
Nice crowd control! thanks man!

eh they both just seem like they are in the game for the sake of being in the game, the shotgun is terrible because of the spread pattern and the companion is OK at best, its just a jakobs pistol with a larger mag size and fire element (also while it will deal fire damage on body shots it will only ignite guys if you crit them)

I love my electric banjo. However I think if you are using both then you should see double the chains and have even more electrical carnage.

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Now, if only I could get a level 50 electric banjo! ^^