Shotgun Ragdoll needs to GO!

lets be honest guys: Shotgun ragdolls, while extremely amusing early on and somewhat helpful at rare occasions also early on, is a huge pain to deal with when you just want to deal critical damage

we already have anointed enemies that teleport and shrink, barriers and shield, small heads on large bodies and so on to deal with, we honestly dont need more difficulties to hit weakspots of enemies

it is also annoying how this is a shotgun-specific effect, that is, weapons that function similarly to shotguns dont suffer from it(looking at your monarch) so they can just keep shooting at weakspots without worrying about sending enemies flying and flipping into the air, particularly annoying when playing as a Fl4k that REALLY wants to hit crit spots

for those who argue it would weaken their built-in CC power: just add a stagger instead


At any time when a player asks for the enemy to stand still so they can be hit you know something’s up along the lines of click-click-gratification-done.

“Please stop moving around so I can hit you.”

Any sane first person shooter enthusiast knows the notion does not register.

In this world, no one will ‘let’ you win.

I love when a Recursion yeets someone off of the bridge il n the Maliwan Takedown and you can’t get the door to open. This is why I quit using it.

I am fine with it. Adds to things need to pay attention to.
My Zane uses a Quasar Grenade just for the rag doll effect. Knocking that bad ass to the ground can give you the breather you need as it interrupts their shooting at you.

This is one thing that will go down as personal preference. But it is so minor to the plethora of other issues in this game.

I still find it interesting that almost all shotguns in BL3 can apply knock back. BL1 it was restricted to just a few (like Sledge’s Shotgun) and I don’t think there are any knock back hotties in BL2 (even the revived Sledge doesn’t in BL2).

As for it being an issue, my Drone and Clone are tossing grenades that cause enemies to fly around the scenery enough that an additional bounce from a shotgun doesn’t matter.

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Honestly, the animation is so slow I find it pretty easy to track their head and just blast them again in midair if the animation allows, or after they land and are trying to get back to their feet, unable to shield their head.

It even gives you time to handle any nearby enemies that are encroaching. Send em’ flying, then pick them off as they lay prone, one by one. And I say this having used Fl4k (Gamma Burst and Launcher Jabber) the majority of my Normal mode Playthrough (my first of the game, which I purchased shortly after Love and Tentacles on Steam). I played to level 57 on normal, completing the story DLCs, and by that time Bounty of Blood came out and I reached 60 quickly thereafter. I never had an issue with getting subsequent criticals on ragdolling or recovering mobs. I’m pretty sure that mechanic doesn’t change in TVHM or MM. It just requires a smidge more patience, and a willingness to look down while aiming, which Tinks already force us to do.

it doesnt add anything to pay attention to, it just punishes people for using guns, but faux-shotguns(weapons with high pellet counts from other classes) dont suffer from this issues and can just fire away at enemies and their crit spots like the monarch, lightshow, flipper and sandhawk, anyone who claims its perfectly easy to snipe heads of enemies flailing through the air with a shotgun is a liar

its also a very different thing than intentionally using a vortex nade, anyone would expect vortex nades to move enemies, there is no reason for shotgun shots to do it

big disagree, their weird flabbing in the air greatly disrupts combat, specially as its an RNG thing

you are also seemingly not considering the issue of this happening in mayhem mode at high mayhem levels, where you need to get rids of enemies FAST since their dmg output is very high(gearbox gave enemies mayhem 10 scaled guns :/) and they are all bullet sponges, this is also mighty annoying when using fl4k and trying to use st4ck-bot COM outside of fade-away

i had a case where i accidentally yeeted one of lectra city’s targets into that rooftop in the harbor-like area twice, in a row, cause of shotguns

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I almost edited my (initial) reply (prior to your comments in response) to specifically speak to the scaling issues in Mayhem Mode (MM) but I realized the problem there is a Mayhem Mode problem, not a knock-back animation problem.

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its both really, but its accentuated in mayhem mode

in the end it causes the likes of monarch and flipper to be the best ‘shotguns’ in the game, both due to its high DPS and due to not causing ragdolls, allowing for continuous and consistent DPS on weakspots

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I’ve just been playing with whatever gear drops and not really farming much outside of one some of Zer0’s targets and Hammerlocks prey along the way of tracking down there varying Eridian Writings or Echoes I missed along the way while slogging through the game the first time.

I used Radioactive Machine guns mainly, Soulrender, Alchemist, Laser-Sploder carried me most of the way, but as far as shotguns I got the most out of the Anarchy. I can’t speak to any of the others I got, and I did get a ton of drops on that first Playthrough for some reason, and nowhere near as many on the subsequent ones I have going with the other three Vault Hunters, but yeah, The Anarchy and Torgue Shotguns, because I could peg enemies with sticky rounds, and score crits well after the fact so long as I was solid with my aim and kept moving. The delay could throw you off, but if your movement is constant, and non-linear, you can be precise, peg a target, find another, and keep it moving as they get blown to bits with you not even looking their way, cause “Cool guys don’t look at explosion.”

I have wanted to tag that in something for a WHILE, GG @Isthiswill

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i dont think not wanting enemies to be flying across the the battle cause my shotgun blast ragdolled them counts as asking them not to move, i didnt say they should stop moving or dodging or rolling, just that that they dont get ragdolled by shots

I was playing early level Amara today, and got that ragdoll mechanic from her palm strike in some cases, grenades, slams,and torgue weapons in impact mode. So it’s just a concussive mechanic more than anything, something it seems they really wanted in the game.

Here’s an idea you might like:

What if the ragdoll landing counted as a critical hit too? The victim is unprotected and out of control, hitting the ground with the full force of their weight plus the momentum of the force that sent them flying. In real life that’s how people get concussed, broken limbs, and the wind knocked out of them. So getting launched/ knocked back should count as a critical hit when they hit the ground (in addition to a critical hit if the initial impact was a crit).

it’s not a bad idea but i highly doubt they’d implement this system as it’d require a lot of changes to add speed-based collision dmg that scales with mayhem/dmg dealt

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You took all my factoring too literally. :grin:

A ragdoll animation would just count as crit damage. No variation based on the actual animation would be needed (it could be possible though, kind of like No Kill Like Overkill and similar skills). Just the same event that triggers a ragdo launch also triggers critical damage. basically make a ragdoll like splash damage, but the splash is more Splat.