Shotgun/ weapon damage buff class mods/ relics

I’m after those items for my moze and zane… Just looking for some really good rolled options.
I have an insane amount of loot to offer. Anointed gear for all classes.

My GT:pbodyjel
Just pm me here or on Xbox and list a few things your after your main class and lets see if we can make a trade

Thanks in advance fellow vault hunters.

Still waiting on your god roll gear u said u had that u were going to show me for Zane…

I can show you tonight in about 7 hours from now. I won’t forget you tonight. Sorry about taking forever to get back to you been getting my trade and grind on. Lol now that the eridium event is here… And pointless. Lol I have more free time. Also I know we already completed our trade for that day. Do you want me to hook you up with that gear since I never got to showing you my build and all. I saw that you traded with my sis azure Phoenix TL. What you get? LOL

Idk anymore too much trading plus for last 2 weeks going to be stopping for abit unless its something for zane only tbh idc about other class gears just want zane stuff

Outlawkillers. Hop online man… I am trying to give you the free loot you have been asking me about. So jump on so I can hook you up.

I’ve been messaging you on xbox and here periodically for like an hour man. We agreed to meet up tonight so I could give you free loot? You gonna get on??

Last chance outlawkiller… I’ve sent you a bunch of messages on xbox and on here trying to reach out to give you some free loot. Because I told you I would. Ima be on a little bit longer. We agreed to meet tonight so I could do just that. Jump online or even respond so I know if I need to stay on or not.

Do you have elemental damage boost relic