SHOTGUN ZERO (I found a mod that boosts mag size and accuracy)

yup, and now with a purple Jacobs shotgun I found Zero is broken as hell

ppl say Axton is the all-rounder? I think it’s Zero


Sounds like you found a Rogue?

Other good COMs for that Jakobs shotty are the Killer and Professional ( especially the latter with its reload speed so every shot is a OSOK ) ; also the Sniper is incredibly good with its boosts to Precision, OSOK and Headshot. It has general gun boosts too - not just for snipers.

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yup its called Chaotic Neutral Rogue mod I think

it also boosts Velocity alot (which boosts damage and crit) and Like the Wind and 2-fang also (which I not specced into), great mod, currently breezing through UVHM with Zero, great

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A mag size bonus isn’t that good on Zer0 if you’re specced into 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill. I run a Zer0 that focuses on shotgun use and I tend to instinctively reload after every one or two shots to get that skill bonus, even when there are still bullets left in the mag. For that same reason, I specifically pick powerful shotguns with a lower magazine capacity (two or three shots is usually my preferred mag size for shotties - I love Zer0’s synergy with Jakobs shotguns). Also, an accuracy boost is irrelevant on snipers or if you’re already heavily specced into Precisi0n. It could still be useful for extremely inaccurate shotguns with wider spreads, but personally, I’d go for fire rate and reload speed bonuses every time over mag size and accuracy (specially on shotguns that are already sufficiently accurate and have larger mags, such as Hyperion shotties).

Well frag. I need to respec then because I have both Precisi0n and 0S0K. =\

I’d keep OSOK and Precision. I’d just favor a mod or relic that provides a bonus to reload speed or critical hit damage rather than mag size.

No I mean, I have a Zer0 that is exclusively Hyperion. Didn’t think 0S0K and Precision would be counterintuitive with H-Corps’ weapons.

I think OSOK ain’t too bad for Hyperion shotties as you can still use them for deception headshots after reloading. The first hit has a lot of recoil but does hit where it’s supposed to, no?

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but boosting accuracy actually makes the Hyperion reverse recoil perform that much worse so that one I would definitely spec out of on a Hyperion allegiance. It’s only really good for the shotgun spread on the initial OSOK shot but Hyperion shotties don’t have a huge spread on their first shot either if I recall correctly. Just lot of recoil since their gimmick hasn’t kicked in yet. Unless it’s a quadbarrel or something.

EDIT: Please note, this is just a hunch. I’ve never used Hyperion that much on Zero so I’m just assuming.

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I’m not saying OSOK is bad for shotguns that aren’t Jakobs or that you should spec out of it if you use shotguns with larger mags. All I’m saying is that you should favor any other type of bonus rather than mag size if your playstyle relies on OSOK (specially if the shotguns you’re using already have decent mag size on their own). OSOK is a terrific skill and it’s good with all types of weapons, you’re just gonna get less from it with larger magazines. But you could still simply reload more often, no need to wait for the mag to go empty, and that’s why a mag bonus wouldn’t synergyze well with OSOK. No matter what type of shotgun you’re using, a critical hit damage, fire rate or reload speed bonus would still be a much better option and provide you with a better benefit. But I would certainly stay specced into OSOK.

Now, when it comes to Precision, if you’re using mostly Hyperion shotguns then yeah, maybe those skill points would be better spent elsewhere.