Shotty Wilhelm will mess you up, son!

Solo’ing Wilhelm right now.

My only TPS toon not at 50+.

This guy’s a damn tank!

Currently at level 15, just finished Intelligences.

I recently found a blue Savage Mauler (reminds me of Shattering Mauler machine guns from BL1) COM that boosts shotgun damage & accuracy.

I had never used shotguns all that much in TPS before, so I am using this as an opportunity to just be mad nothing but shotgun wielding death machine for a while.

My current loadout is a Purple Jakobs Quad and one of those monstrous Torque (Q!) explosive shotgyns.

Specced into his left hand tree for pure damage increases fir Willy and Wolf.

Using a Cryo Tranquility / Cryo Strafing Run oz kit, a cryo nova shield, and cryo / shock grenades situationally.

I just fought the Bosun.

I’m embarassed to say that it’s usually a fight that gives me a bit of trouble.

But this time, THIS TIME - i had just received a Shock Bullpup when acquiring Moonstones for the Moonstone chests in Pity’s Fall.

I was also going for the “You Call That A Shield” challenge where you have to defeat the Bosun without destroying any of his shield generators.

So, i drop in, cutscene, he flies into view, and I unload with my damage boosted Shock Bullpup.

He dies in literally 5 seconds flat.

I am in love.

Eh, Wilhelm just flat out can’t DPS (for me anyways) the way others can. He turns into a turd compared to Nisha, Clap and Athena once you hit 60-70.

It’s a shame since I think his commentary in game is by far the best and a bunch of his skulls are tons of fun.

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Luckily in Normal everything is OP!

For me Wilhelm is more about tanking than killing. It’s no secret that he has the lowest DPS of all the characters but I can survive with him better than I can anyone else.

Still prefer Clappy though

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Nisha with a Celestial COM and a decent Turtle shield can shield tank 20 times better than Wilhelm. Almost every char can tank as well and provide way more firepower.

I love his VA lines, his CC tree is in concept amazing and I wish he was better but he just takes too long to kill stuff for my liking.

That requires a very specific build though. Using any other COM Wilhelm’s a better tank than her. Order may be an amazing skill but imo it alone doesn’t beat Energize and Divert Power. Besides, you can use the Moonlight Saga if you want to have life steal, even if it isn’t as good as Celestial Lawbringer.

Other characters can out-tank him in certain situations (like Athena, duh) but Wilhelm’s arguably the most consistent in his tanking.

You don’t even need Nisha’s Celestial COM when you’ve spend enough points into her L&O tree.

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Eh, at lvl70 throwing 20 or so points down that tree is a drop in the bucket. I liked how at lvl50 you sorta had to choose between DPS and survivability but at 70 that’s long gone.

Anyone who skips the accepted L&O 12 or so minimum points is just being stubborn.

It’s like choosing a Crapshooter COM and bomber over a Celestial and Eddie. Sure it still works but it’s like blindfolding yourself and tying one hand behind your back.

If you like Wilhelm with shotguns you should absolutely pick up Power Fist when you have the points for it, with Cryo+Laser Guided it one-shots Badasses in UVHM, and takes huge chunks of lower tier bosses, it’s the perfect close quarters complement!

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Except that different people like to use different builds? Just because a build/COM may be considered the best overall doesn’t mean you have to use it. Not everyone by BL1/BL2’s endgames were using Mercenary, Gunslinger, Leg. Gunzerker etc.

Anyway, I’m still standing by my opinion that in general, Wilhelm > Order with all 30 stacks.

Ive really been enjoying specializing with Aurelia / Clappy - Wilhelm it lets you try new and different things you might normally have overlooked.

If you want a great shotgun, try a flayer

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Do you just do this to piss people off?

I always wondered if wilhelm was geared towards lasers/shotties dilue to his skills/the mod that boosts shottie damage. I like wilhelm in general. Hes a good all around VH.

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I firmly believe the G in Torgue was a typo that they were too lazy to fix, like the 2 that looks like a Z in oz kits.


/end derail