Should be able to change you character

I don’t like how the game doesn’t let you change your character choice after you made it before a match starts. Lets say I pick Oscar Mike cause I want to do some dps or lvl him up but after everyone picks I notice there isn’t a support on the team. Well the only options I have are to quit or hope a team full of dps can carry us through (In my opinion a full team of dps only wins 30% of the time, but that is a different thread ;), I just feel like you should be able to change your character until the last minute before the match starts. I’m not going to leave the match, but I wish I could change so I can help give my team a better change of winning by picking a support character.

Also I would like to see more options while you are waiting to join a match. I think you should be able to go through the command menu while you are waiting to join a match. It will help on the downtime there is between matches.

I generally just wait for everyone else to pick, so I can see what is missing and fill that role (that’s code for making sure someone is playing Miko) Also on PS4 I’m pretty sure you can go through the command menu. If you press the back button, it’ll take you back to the main menu, but it won’t take you out of matchmaking, so you can then browse through command.

Didn’t know that, thanks!

I agree with both of these.

I usually do wait a whIle to see who everyone picks but sometimes I want to pick a dps. I hope someone else might pick a support but most don’t. Just think you should be given more options for choice.