Should bl3 be hyped?

[quote=“boomshanka08, post:20, topic:1545229”]Don’t expect surprises
[/quote]Challenge accepted! I will anticipate all the surprises, and expect them accordingly.

I don’t think you can avoid hype for BL3, especially for those die hard Borderlanders (not sure if plural is relevant).

I shall join you in anticipation of expectation.

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Agreed as me and a few other people have talked about art designs, upcoming game mechanics being introduced, snippets of what the story will entail, Id think and just me, building hype up for the actual game, would be a phenomenal idea especially for as juggernaut a franchise as borderlands.

So making other games is bad?

Yes. Once a company has a hit, they should generally stick with it. If they want to try something else it would be better to either have it as a smaller side game or spawn a new studio or division within a studio to do it. Best to leave other games to other new types of games companies that are still trying to find their thing. Battleborn has basically been a very expensive waste of time for both Gearbox financially and for the fans of Gearbox who primarily enjoy Borderlands. The few who like both are the only real ones satisfied by this decision and there are so few of those.

If Gearbox did this they’d still be making Brothers in Arms games and not Borderlands games, among others.

Brothers in Arms died out, that’s when you go looking for something new.

I think it should have the same hype as Bl2 if not less. I don’t want to set ridiculously high standards for a good game and be disappointed just because it’s not perfect.


I fell foul of the hype for bl2 and got all excited about it and then found it to be a total let down.

I know a lot of you will say wth are you on about but it just didn’t have the Borderlands feels for me.

I can see how some people would feel that way. The atmosphere in each game is totally different.

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I agree, too little promotion can lead to poor sales and poor sales lead to possibly no sequels