Should Both Teams Be Visible As They Are Chosen?

So, since you can’t switch characters willy nilly in match a la Overwatch, would it be harmful or beneficial to have both teams characters visible to everyone as they get chosen?

Or is part of the challenge of Battleborn that element of mystery, trying to choose the most versatile 5 man team possible to counter any combo of characters the enemy team may choose?

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It part of the challenge. Once you commit to a character you shld stay with that character.
Its a part of the risk and your overall team comp.

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I do think we should see who are teamates are picking. Cause if I pick deande and 2 other people pick assassin tyoe characters, i would have just picked a montana or someone. Maybe push a button for two characters you like, then can switch then before the match starts, if your team goes all assassins or healers.


Well, you can see your team mates characters as they choose, I meant should you also be able to see the other teams characters as they choose them.

I don’t think that should be implemented into the game because it would make it so that if anyone choose a character that is easily countered by a certain character(s) that he would ALWAYS be countered.

Example: I pick Pendles then my opposing team will always have Marquis, Ambra or Orendi and I can no longer have fun.


I liked the way League of legends ranked system worked (maybe still does-stop playing years ago).

3 bans (interesting if all healers are banned)
Picks in draft system (team that bans 1st picks 2nd)-for open draft to work you really need bans to disable hard counters.

Would really like to try BB games with this structure.
Also-this system forces people to have more than 1 character as main.

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I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is being thought of by Gearbox and might be implemented. But don’t take my word for it, though, in case I’m wrong.

That said, I do love the mystery of what the other team has chosen. I like to see what they’ve picked and wonder if I can beat them or not.

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It’s part of the challenge. Always have at least one melee character on your side. Don’t be like one of those teams that pick all ranged toons, play too defensive, are afraid to push and shoot at the air most of the time xD

If this happens, ill quit. It literally will take all of the skill and team chemistry out of the game.
That and the character selection screen will literally just be a never ending circle of “oh they picked this, so id bettwr pick this! Oh they changed because i picked their counter, ill unpick too an wait.”

Have you played any moba before BB?

Hard counters in BB are a bit less hard then in other mobas and team comp is more important then character counter.

Basically-no matter how much people consider Galilea and Bouldur hard counters for a lot of characters i really suck with any pf them and my team would benefit more with me as Support/Tank.

Bit i did hear that counter stuff the way you mentioned does crazy ■■■■ in Overwatch.

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I’m on the fence myself. I do know Gearbox wants better last-minute outcomes in the matches and for teams to have a better chance at fighting back instead of surrendering.

@FlamesForAll Last time I heard, there is a competitive mode in the works where you see who picks who, also you will have bans

…That will be nice, it’s the way some scrims work now, and it works well.

Yup, I believe there is a post on Reddit and somewhere here of some stuff in the works… not 100% confirmed because things change but just nice to know.

You’re right. A draft is one of their goals

You misunderstand. You won’t be able to change characaters, it’ll just be a draft

I’d at least say edit the character select screen to give each teammate a “color” on their pedastel thing that matches a cursor on the character select.
Can then see what teammates are going for, and then you can see whom your teammate is going for and would help prevent a bad team comp when three people pick at the same time and took all support.

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All its going to do is make games harder.

You’ll have more high end picking instead of now where everyone just picks ■■■■ w/e.

As in once youve chosen you cant un-choose?
If so then everybody wil just wait to pick last and/or always wait till the last second to pick.
Unless im still misunderstanding?

Well, this is something that even happens with the current character selection (with the sole focus on team composition).
It could arguably get worse if a draft system (with an additional focus on counters/bans) gets implemented.

On the other hand, being able to see enemy picks could bring people who pay no attention to team comp to think about counter picks, possibly resulting in a better team.

This is a great Idea that deserves some serious thought, even with how character selection works now.