Should Bots Battle be *brought* back?

Should it be brought back to battleborn? When I played it, there were so many players on and I found games like crazy.

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I think it’d be cool to bring it back,maybe like every other week or something

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I think the weekends were really nice because weekends is when majority of people have time off. And if bots battle had a lot of people playing it then the weekends just might be even better. It also gives the ability to get our lore challenges done in a less stressful environment lol…


Was a good way for newcomers to get their feet wet with the other modes too

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Would also help with Quests. The next one for me is win 3 in Incursion.

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Yes :sunny:

I didn’t play last week due to no new character and no updates so I missed it

Was hoping Battle Bots would also be this weekend since I’d like to “get into” Beatrix and the new gears before I play with against more people since I like to “practice” before doing stuff

Especially with new characters. I’d like it back 100% all the time but if not all the time at least every Saturday/Sunday

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Yes. And up the AI a bit.

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Same! Everyone keeps leaving or I keep getting terrible team mates (as always :frowning:)

I hope the developers can see this and think this is a good idea. Because I absolutely loved bots battle and it helped me with some lore challenges that I’ve been struggling with for months (alani’s riptide). But on the weekends sounds like a really good deal to have easy access to getting challenges done.

Most games have it as an option to fight bots publicly. I’m fine with it.
You’ll have people crying about people not earning their triple, quad and penta kills or WoS…or AoD, but whatever. Its a game. Have fun. If it doesn’t hurt anyone, I’m in favor of it.

Like people suggested it can be an event or a weekend thing too.


I want it back for 2 reasons: so that I can do PvP-only lore and quests and because it was fun.

That said, I also feel that there should not be any PvP/PvE-only lore to begin with and that there should be two main quest lines: one focused on PvP and another focused on PvE. I’m quite tired of game developers trying to push PvE players like myself into PvP.


I don’t mind if this comes back as a weekend event, something that only rolls around a few times a year as a seasonal thing or even a permanent mode that people can dip in to but I really want it to return and with full trophy earning possibilities as some lore challenges not tracking and certain maps not appearing, were my solitary complaints with this event when it ran last week. I’m not a fan of MP so being able to co-op the Versus stuff with friends against bots was an absolute godsend :sunglasses:.


The problem was splitting the playerbase made actuall PVP a pain to get into, and with longer times it sucked. And the try-hards that got the achievements the hard way find bots battle annoying, since titles no longer have a sense of pride anymore.

you can still play against bots in private mode

Not for lore challenges or with random teammates, so somewhat irrelevant? I think we all knew that

then get in a pvp match where you can get lore challenges completed and get matched with randoms
why should everything be so easy

Sure. It’ll give new fellas a chance at character legendaries.

Yeah, but character legendaries are REALLY sub par. Not really worth grind. Its better to buy core packs and play PVE for the comander packs to get legendary gear.