Should Daily Quests give more platinum?

Honestly, for the amount of skins in the marketplace and the cost each one holds, it feels almost impossible to gain platinum from quests to at least buy a taunt… So my question, and request, is that Daily Quests should give more platinum currency. Now, it shouldn’t be like 100 per quest (even though that’ll be awesome) but to be fair, 4-10 isn’t enough to drive people to do more quests and to get more currency. 50 at the most should suffice… But I want to hear what you guys think.

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Curremtly, after 3 weeks, I can buy a taunt on raw Platinum from quests. While I would prefer 8 being the base, with the once a week 32 and twice a week 10, currently, its fine.

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Mhh, I don´t know…
I definately agree that 100Plat would cross a line - 100Plat equal about 0,89€. Thats 20Cent short from daily wages you can see in poorer countries, and even 50Plat would be to much from my perspective.

I´m very happy we get the option to earn Platinum at all. To get a taunt it takes about 1month if all Daily Quests are accomplished, and happily not bugged. For me it´s a longterm goal and longterm motivation.

I really don´t think GBX should pay the players as if the game was a job… Because it is not a job, it´s supposed to be fun.


Yeah I agree but with all those skins and taunts in the marketplace and more coming in, it’s almost like wasting time to get just one skin or taunt. I wouldn’t want to waste my time on the game just to get a customization per month… Not worth it. But at the same time, I am grateful that the devs even put the option to get free Plat just by doing quests. Again, it’s just very lengthy and I can’t see myself doing these quests per day for a month just to get 1 skin or 1 taunt…

I agree, they give that amount to help those players who bought plats and need 60 more plats to buy x thing.


Yeah, I buy Plat because I’m a huge supporter of the game. But again, it’ll be super tedious to get… 4 Plat per day…

Then buy plats like i do. Those extra 4/10 helps with those silly small plats flying around in ur bank.

I had 200 plats, the extra free plats help a lot :slight_smile:

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I am somewhat fine with how much plat they are giving us.
For the simple fact that are are giving us a way, without paying, to earn plat.
GBX did not have to do that for “our ungrateful behinds”(phrase only applies if you are non Jennerit)
It almost reminds me of Warframe in a way, there is always a way to make/earn plat, without emptying your wallets.
Patience, is the true enemy here. You are being tested.

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True… But I mean, I have so many other games I play and I don’t think I have any plans to play battleborn every day just for the free Plats. I’m grateful for the free Plat. But just to make it less tedious, I wish they could up the value for the quests by some… Because there’s so many skins and taunts in the market.

I believe that what you get now from daily quests is perfectly fine. If they increase the base reward of platinum, then they would need to make the quests harder to accomplish in order to make it worth it. Some of the daily quests are incredibly simple to do, the one I got tonight is just winning a match as a Jennerit battleborn, and the reward was 4 credits. It makes sense for that being the reward, since winning a match can be done pretty easily, you could just hop into a solo playthrough of the algorithm and win as Ambra. The reward for a daily quest as easy as this one shouldn’t be much higher since it takes very little skill to accomplish, so the reward should reflect that.

I also think there should be special limited time quests given out every once in a while that are difficult to accomplish, and give a fair amount of platinum. Maybe around 30-50. Maybe the quest should be something like, Complete a story mode with diamond ranking, or maybe, Earn a Pentakill. Just something that isn’t easy to do or takes a few matches to complete.

Again, I feel like no one gets it. I don’t really care if quests will be harder if the rewards are bigger. But take a look at the price of skins and taunts and how many there are. It’ll take a long time to get at least one of those. Then to know that the Team is sending out new ones every couple weeks. 4-10 won’t help accumulate the amount I have to get that one item. It’ll take so long. But opinions are opinions and I’m not to judge… I just feel that people can’t seem to see how much the reward are compared to the price & amount of customizations in the marketplace.

I dont think they are meant to let us buy everything with free platinums… Instead they are a way to help us get the extra push when we are missing some plats for an extra skin/taunt.

For those who cant buy plats… Well sweeties you cant get everything for free.

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Considering we used to get 0
I’m pretty pleased with the current system.

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I got ~280 platinum in a month (completed all the daily quests).

You’ll need to grind for 3.6 months for a 1000 platinum skin. Or 2.5 months for a 700 platinum skin.

4-6 higher priced skins a year or ~14 taunts. Seems ok’ish. But I would want to get at least 450 platinum a month. I mean. It’s a month. They release more than a dozen of new stuff in one month.

They already have 67 taunts in a marketplace. And marketplace wasn’t available at the release of the game. If they will not release even a single new taunt - we will still gonna need 5 years of daily quest grind to get them all via free platinum (I don’t even want to calculate how long it would take to get all the skins too). Good luck with that. No one will stay to play the game daily, for 5 years, to get 4 extra platinum. It’s just so insignificant.

I’m still kinda disappointed that the season pass only have the recolored skins. I actually thought we will get more unique ones. But they chose to go for quantity rather than quality.

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if you play casually, e.g. 5-20 matches per week mixed in with other games, it would take forever to get much of anything. One item every two months or more is not really an addictive stream of dopamine from that reward

it needs a buff to motivate casual players to play more often and more consistently. it is totally ok to let a hardcore grinder ‘finish’ the game without burning out

so the real question is how many matches should get you an unlock? How much total time? How often should we get something to increase the addictiveness of the game instead of making that reward system feel effectively hopeless?

I personally believe we should be able to unlock, BARE MINIMUM, an item per week if we do the quests every day. Really it should be more like every other day to really be addictive. Obviously it is currently nowhere close to this right now.

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4 platinum isn’t enough to keep anyone playing so they should make the minimum 10

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Agreed to you guys, free Plats is very nice, but the amount we get is just not worth it. Because of he amount of skins and taunts in the market and how much each one is… Is not worth spending my month trying to get one of them from the marketplace. I hope the developers will see this and consider upping the rewards because I’m a sole supporter of Battleborn and I do buy Plat but not all the time do I want to spend my money on just this game because I got a couple other daily games with marketplaces. Again, BB developers, please consider the amount the rewards give or the price of customizations in the marketplace.

If 32 platinum is the max that GBX wants to give for quests, then perhaps increase the amount given by the other 2 amounts would help things out.

4 to 8. 10 to 16. Overall, that would speed things up a little bit, maybe take a week or so less than the current format to get whatever it is you want, but it would keep players much more invested in the game instead of being discouraged.

Perhaps the reason why some players are not resonating nearly as delightfully is because no one knows what the fate of this game is after DLC5. How many months (or years) do we still have with Battleborn? Do we even have years? Or do we only have weeks? Perhaps if platinum acquisition was introduced at lot earlier during the game’s life cycle it would have helped greatly with player retention.

Ultimately, yea, the platinum amount should increase, it would help with people wanting to play more diligently.

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I just did the math, and I’ve made 278 platinum since daily quests started. It’s been, what a month? Let’s go with five weeks. Maybe six, I can’t remember…

Point is, that’s enough for a taunt, and that seems reasonable to me and here’s why;

The quests just… Happen. Apart from playing as a certain class or faction, or in a certain mode, they require almost no decision making on the part of the player. In fact nearly every quest I’ve done has been completed in just a few rounds of bots battles, baring the map screen getting stingy with meltdown. (Ultimate kills excluded of course.)

It is, literally, money for nothing, which is why I’m kinda okay with it being so low. I personally would like to see it become something like 5 - 10 - 35, but that’s more because gohdamit everything in the marketplace is a multiple of 5 don’t ■■■■■■■ do this to me!

…I digress…

We also have to consider the other reason we get platinum rewards, and that is to entice people to buy platinum. I know there’s some concerns as to the future of this game but I can promise you this; it’d be a hell of a lot brighter if they sold more platinum.

That is reason number two as to why it’s so low, so as not to undermine the value of platinum. If they gave platinum rewards to such a degree that a 1000p skin could be acquired in a couple months, why would anyone buy it? If a few weeks play could grab a 700p skin, only the greatest and whitest of whales* would spend money on it.

I understand some of the things the dailies ask of people aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I would love to get more platinum per quest as much as anyone. I’ve been too broke for too long to turn my nose up at free stuff. But it is far, far more dangerous for the game to give too much platinum than it is to give too little.

*Whale is a slang term for someone who spends a lot of money on cash shop items.


nah, I feel i’ts fair enough as it is. If they raised the daily minimum then no one would ever be compelled to buy any in the marketplace. Maybe if enough people feel they need extra incentive to play they can always add in a daily log in bonus like warframe does. That usually got me logging in daily and playing a match or 2.