Should FaceOff Have Multiple Deposit Points?

It seems like right now it’s too easy to just stack defence and turtle at the central deposit point.

Would FaceOff be better if there were 2 or 3 other smaller deposit points scattered around the perimeter of the map?

Maybe these could give you less points per return but have a slightly faster turn in time or something?

I realize it’s been less than 24 hours…


yes. Multiple drop zones would have been better.


I feel like that would take away from the mode. It’s essentially a capture the flag variant. If there were multiple depositories, you’d never have a reason to interact with the enemy.

It would simply be a matter of who can kill the most varelsi and deposit their masks. You also wouldn’t need to coordinate with your team much, if at all.


It’s not capture the flag, it’s Headhunter from Halo.

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I said variant. It’s also got a bounty hunter thing going, but there was no deposit in that mode. Is there a depository in headhunter?

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Perhaps one small one and one large one, close by but out of LoS

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I’m gonna say no - it means you have to prioritize between killing Varelsi, killing Players, and defending the Depository. It makes for more tactical play requiring team communication - if you don’t have someone defending you while you deposit, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Plus, you get some hectic team scraps over the depository.


I’m not entirely sure about that.

The thing is, when one team camps a point, that’s less ground they get to cover killing varelsi, which means less xp, which means it’s only a matter of time before the enemy team gets their ults online while our good friend Kleese is still sitting at level 2 because he hasn’t moved an inch from the deposit point all game.

Of course, part of this could of been because I was rolling in a 5 stack, but I was noticing a consistently greater amount of xp going our way whenever the enemy team had people camping the point.

Also, Kelvin is in the meta again, and he is super good at disrupting deposit point camps.


Excellent points, guys!

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yes., there was a depository.

Halo Reach had a number of really neat objective game types that would work well in this game.

The hectic scraps are great, but I see too much room for the one depository to become completely inaccessible to a lesser team because of the poor matchmaking.

Is there an alternate way to win in this mode? I might be fine with one depository if scoring was about masks accumulated in total, not just those deposited. Meaning, anything I’m carrying counts towards score, but not depositing them means they can be lost if I’m fragged.

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Nope, only those deposited count. Means you need a heck of a lot of teamwork to win, but yeah if matchmaking is crap it might suck.


If the teams are evenly matched then any advantaged gained is an advantage earned and should be rewarded, but outside of that the potential to deny the other team seems worrisome.

hmmm… maybe if depositing went faster so you could sneak in and drop them.

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What if there were deposit points across the map that gave different amounts of points? The one closer to your spawn gives less points, one on the sides of maps give neutral and the one that’s center of all gives bonus (double or so.) Maybe the enemy’s deposit could also give a bonus as well. Just a thought

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The deposit point should move.

Point takes so many masks total, then erodes, then pops up 30 seconds later elsewhere.


thats a brilliant idea.

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The deposit point camping seems like the best tactic. Like, you have a farmer and you keeps switching the 1/2 farmer so everyone gains levels, and the enemy won’t be able to deposit anything.
And I HATE that. I hate characters with an ult like Ernest’s. Nothing to do against it, and you can’t destroy it Unfair af.

Well comunícate with your team… I was una match vs an Oscar mike who had like 300 mask, i tried to find him to steal his mask.

But i had no idea where he was, map is big and a good combination of skills/ character and kiting can lead to a win.

That freaking OM got us scared enough to not pay attention to the deposit station, his team sneaked in and deposit 8-16.

If they are camping the deposit, just focuse all your fire in one by one… I dont understand why ppl like to fire diff targets, is stupid and no efficient.

So far I’ve been pretty successful with a shard generator and farming Varelsi to out-level the teams that camp and so was able to route them, but I think these were fairly balances matches with comparable skill levels and team comps. No communication, but we were working well together as a group for a couple of games.

In a balanced game I think the game type is fine, but when you have one team with superior skills and communication the camping tactic is going to be tough to beat.

This is mainly a matchmaking issue though. Players should be matched based on skill and party sizes- at least in a perfect world.

moving the deposit would give an unfair advantage to one side or the other. making one side have to travel further into the other teams “area” in order to score.