Should Gearbox add a Life steal gear?

Would it be better for those who rush in instead of equipping health regen and falling back?


Don’t know if it was changed, because i don’t have one, but this’d be what you’re looking for. It’s not max stats, by the way.

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can confirm, its still the same.



Bob Segur’s “Still The Same” starts playing in head.


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Maybe he/she was referring to all types of gear instead of just legendaries. Example taking a white life steal item instead of taking a white regen. Currently the only life steal items are legendaries

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Yeas, please. And much more.

I’m hoping something like “THE Gear Update”. More gear, more balance

As it is, diversity is an ilusion. You can only go up to a point tweaking gears without hinder yourself.

This doesn’t heal yourself, but it’s still good if you don’t go and play Solo.

I was just throwing out anything slightly relevant in case it could meet OP’s needs.

A gear type for lifesteal would be great. Especially for characters that have very high DPS, but generally poor survivability.

If I could get 10%~ lifesteal on Attikus AND Tenacity… I’d be a happy camper.

Heaven, imagine lifesteal on Benedict and Ernest, or on Toby… or Ghalt.

Probably the reason they don’t have a general Life Steal gear, but only conditional.

Yes please! Then I can stack it on Rath or Deande with their passive lifesteal and make them invincible!

Well uhhh… Harder to kill at least, anyways.

I’m imagining. Papa likes. Symbiotic Gauntlet on all the loadouts! The more damage I do the more lifesteal I get to do more damage!

Cause it’d be broke on the characters that don’t need it.

Which is why only Gali and Wrath have it with the exception of Beat.

Yea but I mean in general, not that just that specific legendary.


Nope, characters do and don’t have it built into their helix for a very specific reason

yeah, I’m not very fond of this reality with snipers and aoe beasts (Benedict & Ernest) getting life steal.

Life steal should be stronger for melee attacks, full. Halved for ranged and only 33% for AoE.