Should have made a legendary tier corrosive Hyperion shotgun for this game

I think it needs one.

Taking out surveyors v2 in Digistruct Peak with Zero is like impossible. It’s a chore taking out other things with him but this is really annoying.

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Conference Call, Butcher, Interfacer. They exist.


he means like corrosive exclusive shotgun, I get what you’re saying

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Hah I’d love to see someone farming for a corrosive conference call. Probably the sun would go down once or twice and afterwards his brain would be mush.

It has to be a shotgun? Corrosive lyuda sniper is my weapon of choice for taking down surveyors.


And tell me then, why does there need to be a Corrosive-only Hyperion Shotgun, when there are already three exceptional hyperion shotguns available that can come in Corrosive element?


Veruc, Anarchist or Gwen’s Head- and shock is actually better as they have more shield health than they do body health. Also, try throwing out your decoy- if they attack that you should have plenty of time to line them up for a shot…

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or you could use a hornet as it works quite well against bots. As well as the Teapot

The creator of this thread has a thing against farming and tries to use readily available weapons, which is why I mentioned the Anarchist and Gwen’s Head- I personally like the Veruc, especially against buzzards…

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ah, ok i see what you mean

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absolutely agree with you little lol

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I think you mixed up “Should have made” with “I need this at the moment”.
Beside. Any good small barrel Hyperion shotgun also do the trick for surveyors. In addition to all other guns already proposed.

Just don’t go there. You’ll simply get hammered.


if you hate surveyors so much just get a siren, then you won’t hardly ever have to worry about surveyors :+1:


Or this could help a little :laughing:


Heh yeah thanks funny

But I went for the Bad Touch instead, using the guest sign in trick to get it! (it appears that vertical axis look can’t be inverted on 2d controller? But whatever)

Let’s see how it does then :smiling_imp:

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no just watch the video it will help you, it helped me.


Can be inverted on any player/controller/account as far as I know.
I only play with inverted Y axis.

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Read the Title and immediately thought of the Viral Marketer in TPS and wondered if the OP played it first?

Then I thought about the Blister in BL1 (Torgue of all things) and how the Tediore Retcher is as close as BL2 gets.

Then I realized my thought about how TK’s Wave Rifle tech was taken by Hyperion and as a result the multi pellet shotguns for Hyperion are MIA in TPS IIRC.

Dahl weapons (tk’s wave was Dahl) have a lot of Horizontal bursts in BL2 and a few in TPS (Major Tom & Pitchfork). No Hyperion weapons do. Implies Hyperion got the wave tech working after Jack took over, and thus came the Conference Call & Interfacer.

Still griping about the “Hyperion Wave Rifle” Blake promises in Uncle Teddy Mission ending up being a Jakob’s Shotgun. How Sway?!?!? How?!?!?


2nd pad was default everything and when I pressed start it went to options to change 1st controller settings.

If there is a way doesn’t matter I only needed 2nd pad for a minute to get the gun