Should have used Tiny Tina in place of Ava

While I am lucky enough to be quite indifferent to ‘quality’ of the story. Some of the character decisions have been baffling.

I remember some time ago, couple years? How it (bl3) was to be set quite some time after Bl2, and that some of the side characters (Tina in this case) had grown up, etc.

I think it was a missed opportunity not to have Tina in a more prominent role in Bl3. Ava could have been replaced with Tina, though minus the winging and moaning Ava seems to do all the time.

For those not familiar with Tales of the Borderlands (myself included - I have it but never played it); many of the new characters are unfamiliar, and having Brick / Tina pushed to the wayside came as a disappointing surprise.

What’s your thoughts on this.


My thoughts? I don’t care if she’s the leader, a siren, or potentially new PC VH in future installments as OP as Amara and Salvador combined… I’m never going to like her.

First impressions are lasting and there’s no redemption for Ava. Although given the quality of the writing I’m glad they did it to a new character instead of any established one… I am already on the fence about Tannis for the time being and used to really enjoy her character. If they did that to Tina or other returning characters too I’d be upset.

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I havent seen it that way. Its true better bad writing on Ava then on another character.

To me the writing feels like Gearbox kicked out their existing writers and let the a temp worker write the story on the side. Or maybe they asked those brillant game of thrones authors of season 8 for advice ^^


Ava does more raging than whinging. And she steps away from either by the assault on the cathedral.

Tina is no longer suited to the precocious brat role.

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Hope you knocked on wood there… It could very well be temporary as she goes through the steps of grieving and into acceptance.

Assuming the writers even treat the characters as human and not just stereotypes all the time.

I meant, use Tina, but get rid of the ‘angsty ava’.

Tina no longer being a brat in Bl3 was what I was looking forward to.


Tina and Brick would have made an excellent partnership in this game, she lays the explosives, he punches them!

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I honestly don’t think the story would improve much but it would be a bit more enjoyable

Now I’m imaginating Tiny, with her current personnality, receiving Maya Siren power.

Just. Imagine. It.


Has Ava winged and moaned since the end of the story? No.
She did some growing up during the story. Her initial attitude was intentional. It was part of the character progression.
Having Tina as a Siren would not fit in very well at all.

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A flying Tina with wings laughing like a manic playing bowling with, one one side, phaselocked maniac, and, on the other side, bombs.

Yeah, it would fit.

In principle I think she’s an ok character (really liked her side mission actually), but her role in the Maya/Lilith thing doesn’t make sense even for an emotional teenager imo. It feels like story “development” for the sake of it without caring a lot about making sense around it. Not the only time this happens in BL3, but probably the most prominent case.

Should they have used Tiny Tina? No, I believe that would make even less sense. I also think Tina is poorly written in BL3 already and perhaps it’s for the better they didn’t ruin her by stuffing her into the main plot.

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For those not familiar with Tales of the Borderlands (myself included - I have it but never played it); many of the new characters are unfamiliar, and having Brick / Tina pushed to the wayside came as a disappointing surprise.

Only two of the BL3 characters where introduced in Tales. One of which was already brought into the main games via the Commander Lilith DLC. I wouldn’t exactly call that “many.”

That said, I agree that the “B-team” (i.e. Tina, Brick and Mordacai) where extremely underutilized.

I see a future where we get the DLC “B-teams saves the MoonGoddess” Where Tina, Brick and Morty joins up with us, and goes to Elpis and saves Lilith from her insanity. Bonus, we get Lilith back. And we can use Slam more. Also returning chars from TPS.

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( spoiler alert)

Have you not heard the final dialog between her and Fire hawk.” Sanctuary belongs to you now”

She will be your new boss. Get used to getting ordered by her for errand quests in DLCs.

I played all 4 characters and love Amara the most due to the build I made, but damn I hate the siren master race/ savior thingy.

The only qualification you need to be the boss of crimson rider is be a siren…

Tbh i’m quite sad that at every post about characters people only talk about how they want Ava to disappear.

like…stop. it’s not going to happend.
i don’t even like Ava but it’s preatty obvious that GBX want her to become something more in this game and in BL4 too.

Why don’t we actually try to give them advise on other characters or character progressions instead of “nha, she needs to go.”?
is this witch hunt going to last a few more months to let people sink in that she’s a character and an important one at that since she’s a Siren now?

Not saying that this was the OPs mean with this topic, i’m talking more in a general standpoint of the community.

What about Roland? lol
what about the fact that Ava is still a kid and literally can’t understand how things go?
She will be the “leader” in BL4 probably but for now it will probably be a teamwork of Tannis, Ellie, Claptrap and Ava will probably stay in the backline (for what a “leader” should be and do) trying to learn how stuff work.

There are only two characters from Tales in BL3 afaik, Vaughn and Rhys, Vaughn is nothing like he was in Tales and Rhys has different voice actor, even tho he is probably least bothering character for me, it was just not the same.
You should definitely play TFTB, I guess it’s not for everyone, but it’s great non the less…

It was huge dissapointment for me as well, so many favorite characters butchered or gone completely, just so we can get new annoying ones noone cares about… The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth and I just can’t enjoy it…

With a little chance we might get Grouse and Sparrow instead of Ava

I doubt anything but a new set of professional writers could change the juvenile tone and cringeworthiness of the whole storyline.

It’s just that bad.