Should have waited for BL3 GOTY FIXED edition

Title says it all.
Anybody else feel the same?


I purchased the $120 beta-tester package. The GOTY people will thank me later.


I bought the plain vanilla game. And with all the issues going on i have not and will not purchase any Dlcs until i see a more stable and complete game.

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ironically the DLCs themselves are pretty good. It seems that the deeper you go into the mayhem 2.0 tree the deeper a hole you dig for yourself as you effectively get locked in due to more powerful gear. But if you’ve resisted the temptation to dive into anything but the lower Mayhem levels then the DLCs can be a lot of fun.


I have a few regrets buying so soon. After destiny and anthem I was really looking forward to bl3 and I’ve gone from excited to disappointed. Most of my dislike is towards having now to play with modifiers and i haven’t played since release of m2.0 and the guys i ran with have quit playing also . We have all played the events to only have new gear nerf into the ground.

I main moze that in itself should explain my second problem every time they drop an event apply a hot fix moze has to go take a bath to wash all the crap they just dump on her . And her teddy bear ( iron bear my behind ) is the weakest most useless action skill in gaming history. I’ve had tinks destroy teddy with one blow god forbid there’s tink sniper with a shotgun .

I’m tired of the game I’m starting to lose interest in gaming it’s beginning to feel like a giant con and I’m another sucker .


DLC´s are even fun maxed out cause everybody likes new content.

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That can take years at this point, not while we are still receiving patches for the issues the previous patches are causing.

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I would rather wait patiently for a complete FINISHED game than pay for a game that is still in the Beta stage. Randy Pitchford treats his customers the way he treats his staff - he steals their hard earned money.


They need to leave the sandbox alone for a long time and let people enjoy powerful things.

Are you assuming it will be fixed by then?

Indeed. GOTY buyers can thank us pre-order beta testers.

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Huh? Why would BL3 ever qualify for “Game of the Year”? GOTY is for good games, like BL1 and BL2. Not for $100 beta releases. I can’t read the microscopic font in BL3. Can’t play the game in LAN. Meh.


I paid 350 bugs. No regrets. But BL3 needs a lot of work to be beyond awesome. For now it is just awesome

Yes since april 23rd ive regretted my purchase for me and my wife of this game.

Could be playing on my brother in laws consoles for free all together him his wife mynwife me . But still… Wanted it at home during corona lockdown.

But shyt id give him a refund too.
No one i know is playing… Console or pc.

They hate beta testing this game.

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can it even get goty title is more questionable


I cannot find anyone via the matchmaker either

Maybe try to connect with people u connect with here on board for example.
Just saying i think u have a way better time also then somehow you can filter out for potential moded gear users .

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I understand your point-of-view/perspective, @Doc_Scott19. That being said, I’m going to ultimately disagree. It has been equal parts rewarding/optimistically-hopeful/frustrating/engaging/rage-inducing… And “yes”… I’ll even say overall satisfying to see where not just this game, but also this ENTIRE community has evolved since that fateful date of 9/13/19. I consider my money well-spent!

Im just amazed this could ever get

“Goty” … Now bl1 and bl2? Deserve it fully they revolutionized gaming and coined looter shooter. This? This is… Well… Wtf is this.


Sadly wish I would of waited for the real reviews to come out (those from actual gamers not paid for websites)because if I did I certainly wouldn’t of bought this beta program. We greatly enjoyed the previous entries so naturally we pre-ordered the Super Deluxe Sucker Edition to look forward to splitscreen co-op with our friends online.

Lesson learned, last game I pre-order and as for anything from Gearbox, think this will be my last hurrah considering how they handled this mess. Still waiting on day one fixes (ie: XB1X crashing and the split screen co-op is still in alpha)