Should I bother?

So, I paid the $30 bucks just for some new content with no real intention of switching my build. It’s at a point now where I love the damage output and quite frankly got quite accustom to the FL4k/ Spiderant interaction. For the heck of it I switched to the loader bot with no points allocated to the purple tree just to see how the bot looked/ moved etc. first thing I noticed was the bots attack at range. This was very hard to get used to as my Spiderant has always just went straight in and visible. I want to give it a shot but have no desire to take anything from my red tree( love Megavore) and am addicted to Splash Damage. Can the Purple tree be viable with using green/ blue( I essentially don’t use this). I’m not a fan of gamma and damage output by FL4k is paramount. Thanks for any suggestions.

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What you’re asking for is difficult if not impossible at the moment. Not only is the only FL4K damage skill in the purple tree bugged, but the main draw of it is pet damage at its core. Fundamentally, you trade tons of your own damage (with guns specifically, non-gun damage sources are generally better off) for pet damage.

The tree and action skill you don’t want to use (Blue/Gamma Burst) give the most pet damage. So if you don’t want to use them and you want FL4K to do the most damage possible, avoid purple at all costs. It isn’t for you.


That’s what I figured. It’s a shame as I am hoping down the road I could have the best of both worlds as new DLC’s provide new skill points.