Should I buy a DLC?

Okay, here’s the deal. For example, we used to kill Wohan on difficult level, 2nd playthrough, Mahem 10, very easily. Now, months later, almost impossible. We’re on lvl 68. Wohan is a good test, IMO, because you don’t immediately respawn. Gotta be careful!

Anyway, the loot drops are not better than what we have already, e.g. a few legendary weapons. The loot will level up, but no better. I farmed Megamind last night, crummy weapons. This never was the case. So there must be some things we need to do. I will say, we’re not complaining the game is too easy anymore!!

it honestly comes down to your own preference and what you want to do. Do you want to further your gaming experience? go for it.

I dont doubt some folks will tell you like “dont do it. its a waste of money. i regret. blah blah blah”

its dealers choice. there are some stuff and better weapons to get via the directors cut.

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You didn’t specify any particular DLC - was there one in particular you were interested in, or where you thinking of just getting both season passes?


I believe they may be referring to dlc with items or weapons to help out with damage output but I may be incorrect…

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My two cents:

If you love Borderlands 3, then buy all of the DLC without restraint and immerse yourself in all of BL3’s glory… “and all its horror.” [Sorry, couldn’t help making a Starcraft reference there.]

If you feel somewhat “meh” about Borderlands 3, then do a little research on each particular DLC and pick and choose those that match your personal criteria for value.

If you have been mostly disappointed with Borderlands 3, then odds are high you will not be too enthralled with any of the available DLC. But if you are still determined to spend money, then definitely do a lot of research and ask pointed questions regarding specific DLC for feedback before making a decision.


Thanks guys! Yeah so we’re fans. I’ve played all the games, all the DLCs in like B-Land II. I still feel I’m a newbie with III. Not even closed to maxing it out even through we’re at lvl 68 and playthrough #2. Yeah probably the Director’s Cut…
Not sure, but seems like the game has gotten harder “just on its own.” I’d rather have than than staying the same or easier…

That’s not really been my experience getting up to 72 with multiple characters, but it may be that your character is specced in to skills that aren’t scaling well (or that result in taking too much self-damage).

Anyway, if haven’t already got DLC1-4 I’d definitely take a look at a few of those. I really enjoyed 1-3. I also enjoyed the Murder Mystery stuff in 6, but Arm’s Race (#5) is not my thing and doesn’t seem to be as popular generally.

Yeah for sure. I’ve been planning to reassess my skill tree. Could also be my all-too-aggressive play style!