Should i buy Battleborn for Xbox one or just get Overwatch?

The Title basically says what this is about. Now, firstly I have no problem with either game but I would be lying if I said I don’t find Battleborn more appealing. But this is basically a question to any Individual who has Battleborn on Xbox one, do people play it? Now the reason why I’m asking this is because I’ve been doing research on both games and every time I gone to a forum, about Battleborn of some kind, there’s always a thread or even a comment (on a unrelated topic btw) saying the game is dying or IS dead (although it should be stated that those threads are on PC specifically). So while I love Battleborn and its art style, I still want to you know play with people, although if it had bots I would buy it instantly but as far as I’m aware of it doesn’t. So should I get this game?

Yes you should I play on Xbox one and the queue times are usually only 30 seconds to a minute.

Firstly thanks for replying, secondly I’m still abit skeptical but you commenting still helps a lot so thanks

Wait til it’s cheap. It’s already been on sale for $40 for the digital deluxe. It’s a really fun game with a poor matchmaking system and a crappy f2p microtransaction/fake currency system. Before the introduction of the “marketplace”, I would have wholeheartedly recommended this. Now, it’s much harder.

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Own both but have mainly played Battleborn on xbox. Overwatch is a great game too but I think it’s mainly aimed at PC, it doesn’t feel as good on console.

Queue’s are currently fine on xbox NA, generally 30s-3min for PvP. PvE seems totally random as it might not match you will a full group.

No problem

alright thanks for the comment

Don’t let the negative comments on these forums deter you from enjoying Battleborn. It’s a great game. I have 72 hours logged and am still going strong. If you’re looking for people to play with there are plenty of lists on here or hit me up. Enjoy. P.S, I play very late and in the morning and the longest I normally wait for a match is a few minutes.

FYI that doesn’t mean that I think there aren’t problems with Battleborn (poor match making, kinda dull PvE, need map tweaks, …). But if you think that battleborn looks more interesting it sounds like an ok choice for you.

If you can wait a bit it might be worth trying to get it on sale (Amazon still had it for 40USD).

You could also check some twitch streams ( there are some streaming xbox gameplay.

“Should i buy Battleborn for Xbox one or just get Overwatch?”

Now, if you’re posting this on the GBX/Batteborn forum, what response do you honestly expect? Lol you know we’ll all say Battleborn :sweat_smile:

That said, I think the fact that you have asked here says a lot about where your head is at. It sounds to me like you are looking for reassurance that Battleborn is the right choice, rather than an objective opinion about which is better.


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Overwatch will suit a shorter time frame and accessibility. Battleborn requires more time and planning. Both are tactical, but that subjective to your play style. I’m never tactical in OW and just run around shooting everywhere because I don’t care about the “competitive” side of it. It’s mindless fun for me. For other people, they take it quite seriously and work on playing tactically. With Batlleborn, however, I still have fun; but I put a lot of time and effort into getting the right loadouts and making sure my tactics and team play is on point.

You know what’s funny is your right about the reassurance XD, I just realized that after reading your comment. It’s honestly settled im going to get Battleborn and the first thing im going to do is play as Oscar Mike.


Two very different games.
-Overwatch: Team deathmatch similar to Team Fortress. Fun characters with well designed skills which make them all incredibly unique. Swap characters on the fly in quick matches to adjust your strategy to accommodate the situation.
-Battleborn: Mix of MOBA and FPS. Goofy characters with cool skills and multiple characters that have similar sets which have varying strengths and weaknesses. All characters have varying helix choices which can (in most cases) allow each character to adapt to situations and build on their powers.

If you need any help getting started, there’s a thread here dedicated to helping out new players!


I think you’ll have a lot of fun playing BB on XB1. I have no problems getting games except sometimes between 12-1 pm est, even then it’s no more than 5 minutes. Usually it takes like 45 seconds to 2 minutes to find a match.

And for overwatch, well, there’s simply less to do in the game. If your looking for something to consistently play without burning out, I think BB is the choice. You have PvP, 8 although repetitive and simple, re-playable missions, and you have more characters, with more unique play styles.

I’ve actually seen people take longer trying to play overwatch than BB before, though not a common thing exactly, BB matches can occur quicker. It might bee because XB1 has the smite community and smite was at least on XB1 first, I don’t keep up with the game, but i think it is coming or came to ps4. And XB1 has a smaller blizzard community.

Anywho, can’t wait to hopefully see you over here on XB1 BB! Always nice to have even more players.

Also there is BB PvP with bots, but not in public (you cant search for a group of players vs bots, but you can get a group to do bots in private, or do you and bots vs bots)

(Also, although I’m not listed yet, I did offer to help with the uh, battleschool ideea. Either way if you want to know the ropes on a character other than ambra or el dragon or just wanna play, gt is chaosarebeast)

Wow their are Bots well its even more guaranteed ill get this game now, thanks for telling me.

Alright thanks to everyone who commented its guaranteed now I’m going to get this game. Thanks to all who answer now all I need to do is find out how to close a topic.


Well, Battleborn isn’t a bad game but is has a steep learning curve and as the remaining players usually are maxed out die-hards you can expect hours of remorseless seal-clubbing in PvP before you find balanced matches.

Just saying… PlayStation 4 > Xbox One


Glad the community was able to help you out. You will enjoy it no doubt

But you asked for a lock, so here i am to grant you that.