Should i buy the game? Few questions about longevity and difficulty

Hey guys,

i hope some people here with a lot of playtime can help me with my problem/decision, if i should buy the Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition for 50€ (in sale) and if its worth it for me.

The last week i did read a ton in the forums, reddit, looked at vids and reviews etc. And seen alot of vids with people nearly oneshoting everything even in true takedowns and are never close to death even normal lets plays are similar. And legendaries did drop like worthless trash in other games… and i did think, where is the fun in that?
After all that, I have a big concerns about the longevity and the difficulty of the game and if its worth it for me. So i have a few questions.

Keep in mind, If i buy the game i will not look up guides/builds or buy vendor-items from higher mayhem levels, where i am not playing at. (feels a bit like cheating to me and a big oversight from GBX). But nevertheless because i love theory-crafting and to crunsh the numbers, i think i will come across meta-builds anyway.
And i dont care about coop and the story is not that important to me.

1. How long does it approximately take to get to lvl 65 and be able to farm mayhem 10 without big problems? (without glitches and cheesy tricks) Basically when is the game not challenging anymore. And when comes the point where you only farm for good anointments at mayhem 10.

2. Which modifers are the hardest ones for a very challenging gameplay at mayhem 10? (online i have found a million results for the easiest, but none for the hardest)

At first look i liked these, because they seems hard and add something to the gameplay.
Medium: Mob Mentality/Freeze Tag/Healy Avenger
Hard: Chain Gang/Laser Fare
Very Hard: Post Mortem/Rogue Lite
And is the game with hard ones longer challenging and poses a threat (more deaths for me)?

3. Do you think in future Gearbox will add higher or nearly unfair difficulty mode to the game, something where you can farm for in the long run, just to be able to beat it?
Maybe some of you remember Inferno mode in Diablo 3 vanilla (yeah the rest of the game was crap), but i loved the challenge, progress and accomplishment you had on that mode. Your progress was slow, but every meter you did beat and every little upgrade did matter and made you proud.

4. Do you think they will add a new rarity of items? Something really rare^^

5. Should i cut the dlcs out until i reach lvl 65, to not trivialize the content?

6. Is there really absolutly no single difference between nvhm mayhem x and tvhm mayhem x, beside a story reset? And it did read some things do not reset because they are once per character, which ones are these?

I know its really a lot of questions, but i hope some of you will help and answer me. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance to all and sorry, english is not my main language.

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I’d look out for outriders. Play the free demo of it and see how you like it. BL3 is pretty much dead, this time next year it’ll be super cheap, especially during holiday sales and such.
Outriders is super promising imo.


if you are looking for difficulty: bl3 will not give you much besides guardian takedown, trial of fervor, slaughtershaft, and maybe the director’s cut raid boss. it is an easy game atm.

  1. as long as it takes to do the story. so depending on how you go, it should take 8-15 hours. Right after you unlock mayhem mode, it is incredibly easy to get a legendary for mayhem 10-11. Just switch it up and farm vending machines/chests/Moxxi

  2. imo, medium: pain tolerance, hard: pool party, very hard: rogue-lite/not the face. not the face and pain tolerance are purely number changes and pool party can make seeing things difficult but it does make you move carefully through the map.

  3. highly unlikely. support post DLC6 does not look bright and i see no signs of gearbox changing the mayhem system.

  4. nope, gearbox has stated they will not

  5. you will most likely reach 65 through the story+sides alone, so its best to save them for later to get the highest level of stuff

  6. no difference at all.

BL3 lacks in difficulty, replayability, longevity, and progress because once you finish the story that’s pretty much it. you’re very likely to have a great loadout so there’s not much chase. at least for me.


In my opinion, Outriders is a trash game compared to any of the Borderlands games. Style-wise, I can see how some would prefer it, but play-wise, it’s just minor league with a lot of flaws.

It is ridiculous to say a game is dead to someone only interested in solo play (as was stated), where the number of other people playing the game has literally no impact on their experience. Such a statement as “the game is dead” is only relevant to group-oriented games (and even then, may not apply to someone that plays, say, an MMORPG in a solo fashion as far as they can, like I play WoW and Black Desert Online).


Hmm…hard to call it a trash game considering Outriders has yet to crash my console and that is the demo for that matter.


Outriders has a pretty lame intro sequence but it really opens up once you get your first 3 abilities. Then the difficulty ramps up and then you realize “oh this is what the game is”.
I only say ‘dead’ in reference to BL3 because of poor matchmaking. If he’s just gonna do singleplayer, then sure it’s all well and good, especially if he doesn’t care about the story.
Other than that though, I say it’s dead because I feel like there’s more fun and enjoyable games that aren’t borderlands that could be a better time, for the money.
I mean, I also say dead because of the lack of support and radio silence on the forums from the dev team.


Hmm, I have seen PLENTY of crashes, connection issues and even a progression blocker once on XB1 in my experience on Outriders demo.


I’ll agree with the difficulty comment (but only for veteran players, like Cor_Angar seems to be), but the rest of it I don’t agree with. BL3 has a ton to do after you’ve finished the game once - if you are interested in doing more than one build on one character with one gear load-out. Many people have played the game for thousands of hours.

It took me 30-40 hours to get through the game the first time (to L50, not including DLCs or Mayhem levels). Sure, subsequent runs of all games are much faster, but the first time, not so much. In my opinion the game has enough value to justify its price even if you only play it through once.


I leveled 2 characters and was all ready bored…

The other 2 where somewhat filler for when i didn’t know what to do (still lvl 53 or something… As i never bothered after that)

Difficulty, balance and especially longevity aren’t synonymous with this game…

It’s not bad… It’s just severely lacking…


Can’t say I have had those problems but I am also playing on a XB1X as well so who knows there. All the problems you listed, with the exception of a progress blocker I have had with BL3 since release among other things and it has been out on the market for a year and a half. Outriders, to me anyways, is enjoyable.

Yeah the intro is slow but as you said it does pickup. Like yourself I see a lot of potential in the game and for a first entry I am pretty impressed, not to mention now days it is far and few a company will release a demo on a console.

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In BL2 we had to play through the campaign 3 times to access the endgame content (OP levels with the peak). BL3 requires only 1 campaign playthrough. The endgame content (mayhem) isn’t locked behind challenges so can be accessed quickly.

So on a side by side comparison BL3 falls short on endgame content because it is so easily accessible.

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it was so embarassing because my friend came over and I wanted to show him it, but I was in the very beginning of the demo (where you can’t die!). So it’s real chaos, he doesn’t know what’s happening story wise, except I’m shooting things and not dying and he was not impressed lmao, but we had a good laugh out of it. I told him a few days later when I gave it another shot that it gets good, but it’s gonna take a full release and it hitting the mainstream a bit more to convince him otherwise XD


I’m on XB1S, my issues with Outriders were much more prevalent in multiplayer.

I sounded fairly critical in my post, I did really enjoy the gameplay of Outriders and the dev teams deserve high praise for their transparency and effort.

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Sure there is a lot but there’s not much progression in those activities. It’s all just handed to you, not much journey to be had. No higher tier difficulties to unlock, just the option is available immediately. Same for the DLCs, finish the story/sides and that’s it. Part of why I enjoyed the past BL games for so long is because of the new game+ system. Consistent progression to work towards. Also the hidden bosses, the exciting side routes you could go through. By comparison BL3 feels like the smaller game in my experience. I also didn’t like OP levels/UVHM but they did wonders for the longevity of BL2. That said if we’re talking quality of the “endgame” content gameplay-wise, BL3 blows BL2 out of the water.

And let me clarify, 8-15 hours isn’t a bad thing. If anything, BL thrives off of medium-sized campaigns (BL3’s isn’t though…) so replayability is at least tolerable. It took me 32 hours the first time but OP wasn’t interested in immersing themselves in the story so I think that’s a good estimation.

Having a difficulty scaling early on is great… But it’s broken… If you want progression you have to do it yourself, instead of just jumping into M10, grind every mayhem level… But that probably will prolong the inevitable with a few hours.

Old mayhem wasn’t great but it was far better then this M2.0 crap they pulled…

They should have given us mod support because clearly they can’t get their ■■■■ together… (just look at the completely random legendary buffs and lack of any use for every other weapon)


That’s funny. I know when I first started that I was having the flashbacks of “Talk to Lilith” because you spent time talking to everyone but figured I would rough it out and glad I did, thankfully now that I have done the beginning I started another character and skipped the intro. Not going to get it right out the gate but do see myself purchasing it down the road this year. I like that it also has cross play already as well.

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I played with others a few times but the only complaint I had there was that it took me a moment to figure out how to change the settings for multiplayer.

No worries about being critical, I completely understand being frustrated with a game. I might have mentioned it a time or two on this forum, haha. I like seeing competition though, just wish it came with split screen but now days the market for that option is growing smaller and smaller.


From a strictly game play perspective, BL3 is the best in the series. If you enjoyed any of the other games, you will enjoy this one. The options in BL3 allow for an increase in difficulty throughout your entire playthrough.

If you’re looking for a little bit of challenge during your first playthrough, don’t do any of the side missions. You’ll end up under leveled and should give you more of a challenge to complete it. If you’re on PC, you’ll not see any of the console issues that have plagued many players since launch.


let me tell you something if you have to ask don buy it

but is it worth it? absolutely!