Should I buy the Pre-Sequel or not?

Should I buy the Pre-Sequel or not? Some of my Friends say it’s complete crap and I shouldn’t buy it, others say that it’s a game that alright, and if I like BL2(Which I love it) I should buy, so i’m just wondering should I buy it or not?

As someone who absolutely loves the Borderlands series I feel TPS is a good game, but not great. If you enjoy Borderlands I would say yes, give it a go.

It’s a fun game, maybe not a lot of end game content but it’s a lot of fun to play.
I’d recommend it.

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If it’s still possible, rent it. If you don’t like it, you won’t feel ripped off, but if you do like it, buy it.

You should get it, just dont expect it to be better than bl2. Price right now shouldn’t be in issue either you should be able to find it on sale.

Not as good as BL2, but I played it for half a year before shelving it. While I’m burned out on it now I had tons of fun with it.

For me, it’s the worst borderlands, but it’s still a great game compared to other games out there :smile:

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If you had to come to the Borderlands forums to ask, then you know you want to play. Also get the claptrap DLC.

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I agree on this, Claptrap DLC is on par with Tina, maybe better :slight_smile:

I enjoyed TPS more than BL2 and I played BL2 exclusively since the day it was released up to the day TPS was released. Better character design, gameplay, balance, and tactics. This is more important to me than the amount of content that BL2 had. Take that for what it’s worth…2 cents.

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If you do enjoy this game, and want to know more interesting things contained in it, why NOT? As a huge fan of BL2, I thinks you should give this awesome game a chance.

as a game, its bl2 on the moon. also, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without double jumps in bl2.

as a lorist, its absolutely essential to me personally. the gameplay comes second to teasing out the secrets and story (somewhere around here is a thread of me explaining captain chef. just layers upon layers) but i do that with everything.

i enjoyed it immensely.

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It is a wonderful game, so you can gain many benefits from buying it!

for me personally, i loved TPS. i didnt like some quest givers like janey which was annoying. at least to me. BUT, its FUN!! really, the characters you play as give so much diversity. and the story mode was great! i know i will be on the minority, but i liked both TPS and BL2 equally.

Complete crap? Did you believe them? Lol

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it’s an ok game

Not going to point fingers, but some people hyped this game up the whazoo like it is the best thing happening to the franchise.

No, its not the best thing happening to the franchise, we all know its there just to fill some gaps while we wait for BL3.
That said we can’t compare it to BL2, one of the best games released so far.

Now, complete crap? Far from that, i poured 180 hours in the game and didn’t play as Nisha and Athena yet, there are still some stuff to do.

“OK” games keep you playing for 30-45 hours before it becomes boring.

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Hey, I’ve played it for roughly a half year, enjoyed most of it untill I ran into a rather mayor burnout. However, unlike BL2, I have no intend on playing TPS anymore, unless they do a few more events to drop some more of the dummied out unique weapons.

Did you come back to BL2?