Should I Disable Bloody harvest?

Hey guys, deferring to your experience here. I just hit lvl 65 and have some more essential fl4ck loot but not the best anointment. I’m thinking the bloody harvest anointment’s will lessen my chances of getting the ones I need for main game, and I’m not sure they will be useful at all once the event is over and can’t get terror anymore. Am I correct on this ? Didn’t participate last year so you guys probably have a better idea

You can still use Terror gear and Terror anointments once this event is over. Terror ammo regen is great on Flak, especially if you combine it with Lucky 7.
It’s up to you, if you don’t want to play with ghosts and collect terror stuff just turn it off. Event will be active for 4 weeks.

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If you can use them after the event that’s better. Guess I’m having a hard time understanding how Terror works. Still it’s probably more important where in at in game to get say a queens call with the “ at action skill end “ damage anointment I would think , and having extra Anointment’s in the mix would lessen those chances ?

not really, I think only haunted enemies may drop terror anoint or gear, if you are farming a boss , he will not be haunted every time

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Any enemy can drop BH anointment iirc.

Oh that’s good news. I want to participate in it. But not if it reduces my chances of getting that critical gear

Still verify it as GrezPL don t think that is the case and that may be an impression I had due to rng

I just got Terror ammo regen from Lootsplosion from not hunted enemy.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think that between all the skulls, healy hearts, spinners and drones, I think I actually saw an enemy yesterday! :wink:

I actually don’t mind the event, but will probably disable it once I get the cosmetics.

I collected all sorts of terror gear last year, thinking I might use them, but they just rotted away in my bank. I bet most other players were the same.

A terror build sounds interesting, but ultimately it seems too costly and impractical to use it after the event. To use terror-anointed gear, you not only need to put up with green swirls and wobbly aim, but you need to equip something that’s anointed to apply terror to yourself, which seems a waste of an anointment slot.

I think you’ll be fine. It will reduce your chances, technically - but not by a lot. Terror annointments have a reduced chance outside Heck, and from regular enemies/bosses.

Oh there’s more skins then just the ones from entering the codes ? Def wanna get that too then

Yeah , I’ll just roll with it for now

Remember, ASE anoints aren’t the Be All End All on their own. What makes them cool is that you can use 3 damage ASE anoints at the same time with bonus elements on shield and nade.

You can do the same thing with terror. Yes, you need to spend the third anointment slot on terror generators, but otherwise you have 2 buffs that are active for being terrified ( and one of the terror generators is ASE anyway). Especially as a FL4K, you can have 35% V1 damage, 21% fire rate, and up to 100% critical hit damage through terror, which are very good buffs to have since FL4K generally struggles with fire rate bonuses and Megavor massively increases the damage potential of that 100% crit.

Considering this event only comes once a year, now is the time to farm for these items! Normal anoints aren’t going anywhere, but if you miss out on BH gear you’re out of luck until next year.


I drool over these on my Moze.

As much as i generally dislike were annointment system are in the endgame and its importance, i really enjoy the terror ones. Building around the annointments as if the were a set and have trade-offs and have dependancy between each other is cool.


I thought it was how GB were going to do all events and anointments going forward. How naive I was last year…


Yeah, even though I didn’t end up using terror last year, I did really like how it was based on a pros/cons system. Ultimately I valued aiming accuracy too much to use them, but I’d totally be up for other pro/con options. For example:

-Lowered damage but much higher freeze or knockback chance
-lower damage from hip but much higher from scope
-decreased FFYL time but higher crit damage

I wish more anointments were like this. It would help build diversity, encouraging players into various niches, rather than just adding tons of damage and a rainbow of elements to everything, which just pushes everyone into thinking about straightforward DPS and away from having to worry about element matching (and making many Maliwan guns seem obsolete)

I got my Vindicator Ghast Call grenade yesterday and will be turning off the event for the rest of its duration. IMO, the grenade is the only decent item in the entire BH event.

But honestly, it’s not even anointed at mayhem 10 so it’s not really worth playing the event at all.

The terror anointments certainly add more junky clutter to the already over the top list of horrible anointments and make it much harder or impossible to get a decent anointment, much less the anointment you really want.

I feel very fortunate to get the Vindicator Ghast Call on the 3rd day of the event but since they don’t come with an anointment, it’s pretty much just glorified garbage only due to it’s rarity.

I wish I could offer some praise somewhere in this post but GB didn’t warrant any.

Overall Ghast Call is the best grenade in the game (I don’t count Fishslap cause it’s just broken due to Mayhem scaling). Also you don’t always need anointed nades to keep the build working. If the anointed on your nade makes your build viable, then it may be something wrong with your build.


Because anointments are a factor in builds, I prefer to have anointed gear that adds synergy and more damage to my builds.

Where exactly did I say that the anointment on my grenade is what makes my build viable?

You can play however you’d like but insulting my builds because I use and prefer anointments is just childish …

Well… I mean, it depends on what you use it for and what other gear you combine it with. For instance, a hex will count as gun hits, meaning it’s better if you are running a consec hits weapon for damage or if you are playing Zane with Seein’ Dead.