Should I Do A Pendles Kill Compilation?


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  • No
    [/poll]I’m debating making a montage of the best kills I can get with Pendles. Whether against bots, bosses or players, if it’s good it goes. Included kills would be stuff like troll build ups, multi kills, hilarious boss kills, and more. What do you guys think? Would you watch something like that? Tell me below.

If enough people want it then I’ll post it to my channel. Will post link here when it’s up.


I’d love to watch a video with last second kills as they’re returning, awesome ult kills, and even comedic kills where they know you’re there and you dance around each other for a while

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  • No
  • Maybe
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
  • What was the question?

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Yes, yes and yes. All the Yes. Pendles is awesome.

thanks for starting a poll. didn’t know that was a thing here,

well I’ll begin getting kills together this weekend. Until I get PSN Plus they’ll be offline only. That cool?

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Well I’ll start it this weekend but they’ll be offline only atm cuz I don’t have PSN right now. Still yes?

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cool. feel free to watch this thread cuz I’ll post the link here when I get it done. It’ll be up on my channel, YourKingSkeletor, as soon as I get it together.

You can edit your original post and add a poll if you like. There’s an option to do so right here:


Sorry to break it to ya, but you have to have Plus to play. Online required to prevent hacking and such

k. will do. thanks

I have normal PSN, not Plus. I play against ais until I get plus.

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Oh, I had heard in another thread that you needed it to play it all. Glad to hear you don’t

just need a normal PSN account. That’s all. Need Plus to play online though.

Interesting. Good to know, thank you!

Why wouldn’t you do it?

I know I promised a Pendles montage but I’m still working on it. Sorry. Turns out getting good and funny moments is hard.