Should I do all the quests on Pandora befopre going to Prometheas

I still got several quests left here when I got to the point where i could go.

I mean, if you wanna sure, you get ot be a higher level once you get to promethea, which means by the end of your playthrough you will be a higher lvl than someone who didnt do this

I’m doing two simultaneous playthroughs, a solo and a co-op. Co-op we’re doing story only, because playing means both being available and we don’t want to spend hours exploring instead of making progress. Solo, I’ve done every side mission and crew challenge, I’m thoroughly enjoying the game and getting the most out of my gaming experience.

If you’re solo and have enough free time to play regularly, I’d say go exploring because this game has a lot of content. If your time is limited and restricting, then stick to the story so you can feel like you’re progressing during the short time you can play, the rest will still be there when you return.


SO its okay to put these guys waiting for me to take off on hold why I run around and do all this other stuff.

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It depends on your level, the level of the quests behind, and the level of the quests ahead of you… but, generally, yes. Do side quests until you get tired of doing them.

The story presents each mission as urgent, but there’s no actual rush. Plus, games in this series have an ugly habit of jumping the story mission by several levels at once.

The story goes from level 9 once you finish on Pandora to level 12 once you land on Prometheas, for example, which can catch unsuspecting players off-guard. It’s something they need to work on – introducing a gradient curve rather than such an abrupt jump – but until then, do side quests. Better safe than sorry.

okay thanks everybody. I do like to do all the content. And right now I am level 9 so it sounds like it would do me some good to finish the quests.

Yes. The reason being that the difficulty spikes sharply shortly after you start fighting Maliwan, and stays high until you aren’t. Get as much xp and quests as you can before you get there. A trio of pretty challenging bosses ahead.

Not exactly. The story and new areas actually scale with you, well sort of. Once you enter a new area, those enemy levels don’t change.

In one of my playthroughs, for example, The Rampager was level 20 when I reached him, I was level 19. That playthrough I only did story missions, and everything was on par with me the whole way. The Gravewarden was level 28 when I killed it in this playthrough.

In another, I was level 24 when I hit The Rampager, it was level 23. Katagawa was level 20. In that playthrough, I did every side quest and crew challenge. I’m currently level 34 in this one, still on Eden-6, and every enemy spawn and boss thus far has been on par with my level. I just killed GenIVIV, she was level 34, and I have two bosses to go before The Gravewarden. He’s shaping up be to a good ten levels higher in this playthrough than in my first one.

I believe there’s a min/max threshold for the first playthrough, but enemies generally scale with you, so you’ll never be grossly overleveled from doing side missions or underleveled and be required to do side missions. This happened a lot in BL2, in TVHM Bloodwing would be level 44 but if you hit TVHM on level (30) and proceeded to do only story missions in TVHM, you’d find yourself around level 38-40 by the time you hit the WEP and have to do some side missions to be able to continue. Conversely, if you did too many side missions you’d overlevel yourself and hit UVHM above 50 (I once hit it at 55 from doing all the DLCs in TVHM) and that was a whole other problem. Anyway, those problems aren’t apparent in BL3. When you first enter a new area some enemies might be 2-3 levels above you but you make those up quickly, and enemies in previous games scaled 1-3 levels above you so I don’t think that slight discrepancy is a big problem in this game.

Edit: I’m playing on normal difficulty in both playthroughs, so that’s not causing the level differences. This is all observation, I was both surprised and pleased by this scaling even in the first playthrough that allowed me to set my own pace.

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This was not my experience. On my second character, I skipped most of the sidequests on Pandora. I finished the planet at 9, then got the Hostile Takeover quest which was 12.

A friend of mine who plays (well, played – this made them quit) this game also commented on experiencing the exact same problem after finishing Prometheas, being forced to stop, go back, and grind side quests because everything on the new planet was destroying her character.

The issue isn’t so much scaling, it’s power-curve.

This is one of those weird games that, at least until you hit Mayhem, has a huge difficulty spike in the early-mid game that gradually falls off as you start getting crazier skills and guns.

Also because Maliwan are way, way more difficult to fight than bandits.

Like I said, I do believe there’s a min/max threshold, probably so you do actually level up, and enemies being ~3 levels above you isn’t new to the Borderlands universe. I don’t remember what level I was when I arrived on Promethea, but I didn’t have much trouble that early on.

My two playthroughs have been vastly different - story only and 100% - and enemies have always been on or around my level. Biggest discrepancy was arriving on Eden-6 at level 20 (first playthrough) and killing a level 25 Indo Tyrant. Nothing has been more than 2-3 levels above mine on my second playthrough but the enemies have scaled much higher than they were on my first.

This is the one, and IMO that’s good design, better than just throwing ultra high level enemies at you which force you to backtrack and grind. Stronger enemy types is a positive outcome, though it gets strangely easier on Eden-6 with mostly CoV and creature spawns. Oh well, it’s not perfect, but still a huge improvement over BL2 IMO.

The problem is that the curve is somewhat inverted. The game gets a lot easier after Skywell.

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I must be an outlier because I love making sure every side quest is cleaned up before moving to the next story chapter.

Also because I love the characters and universe and story above everything. The fact that Borderlands is an excellent series gameplay wise is the cherry on top of everything.


You’re not an outlier mate, completionist vault hunter right here =D


You will level up and obviously progress the story faster if you stick to the main mission. But, if you find you are dying a lot, swing back and do some side missions.

Completionist all the way- I hear ppl replaying the story 2-3 times?!? That’s bananas in my book. Yea its upgraded guns, but its same maps, AI characters & story - not putting all that time & effort in twice lol. With DLCs, there is sooo much content to explore, soo much gear & weapons, just on the 1st run, I’m @ lvl 42 an not even done w main yet! Plus there will be tons of other games I want to play before re-playing one I’ve just beat… screw those orb booster things ya get after completion, the game is fun enuff lol