Should I farm at UVHM, or OP 1 at level 72

Hello all. I am just here wondering if I should take the time to grind out legendaries, vermivorous, etc in UVHM, or op 1, or above. I am asking because I wasn’t sure if the gear gets much better in later levels, or what exactly. I think it might be better to farm in op 1 if the loot doesn’t have a chance to be lower level like in UVHM (ie: at level 72 in UVHM I am getting gear level 70-72). I haven’t done op levels before, but I already farmed some legendaries for gaige, and wasn’t sure if I should hold off as to not waste more time farming when I could get more consistant/better gear in later op levels.

Thanks if you are able to help me with my question. Have a nice day :smiley:

Generally i’d say farm gear at 72, then do OP levels, only farming a few essential items every 2-3 OP levels. For example I didn’t need to farm anything on Salvador until OP3, in fact I may have been ok for one more level. Once you hit OP8, you can reset your playthrough for any mission rewards you want at OP8


If you plan on running the Peak (and depending on your character) gear might only need to be farmed every other level depending on what it is- relics might last the entire game, as might coms- your main weapon should last until OP3-4 (again, depending on the character using it). Shields and the main weapon you use would be the only real farms but if it is an unique weapon I might hold off a few levels on it.

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I was thinking of resetting my playthrough every op level, or every other depending on how easy it is. I have never done op levels before, but figured I would farm some gear for my mechromancer. I have a fire redundant fibber with mostly good parts, and that gun destroys mostly everything, except enemies that heavily resist fire, so i was probably going to reset to get another fibber, or 2 anyways, and a better moxxi rubi, or get a grognozzle. Other than that I have a decent slagga, and got lucky and got a Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold. Other than that I have a bee shield, a decent sherriffs relic, but not many good grenade mods. I haven’t played any of the dlc yet, so I might wait for the op levels so it’s more of a challenge. Thanks for the help though.

From what I have seen Salvador is quite powerful, so I don’t now how he compares to Gaige. If you read my reply to Carlton_Slayer you can see what type of gear I have. I think I will be pretty set though, but I try to be efficient as possible. I know for most class mods, and relics they don’t get much better past 61 from what I have seen, but wasn’t sure how it applied to other gear. There’s no point in me farming for a gun in UVHM if I can just get a better one in OP 1 even if it’s a bit harder.

I’m currently running a new Gaige thru the Peak (OP3 now) but I’m using a non-standard weapon for her- the Infinity. There are class mods in the Tiny Tina dlc based off of D&D character alignments and classes- the Chaotic Neutral Necromancer com for Gaige increases a weapon’s mag size, so she can use an Infinity while running an OC/LBT build. The only things I’ve farmed for so far are the treants in the Forest for a new Bee and Doc Mercy/loot train hoping for a new Infinity- all my other gear is still level 72 or lower, although I have given her some on level BotA I had stashed on mules. Word of advice: go shock, corrosive and explosive on the Peak- as the ‘flesh’ enemies are actually digistructed, fire is the worst element to use there…

Coincidentally I got a shock infinity pistol from a random loot midget in the world, but can’t use it unless I respec. I haven’t played through the game too much, so I want to learn gaige a bunch and farm enemies/drops to test how often I get drops, test different weapons, and get gear for other characters, so I can do the same. I haven’t even played any dlc yet, so I might hold off on it until op levels, so it’s more challenging, or a new character, so I get to challenge my self and get levels, etc. I definitely like unorthodox builds, and fun ones. The elemental Gaige seemed more fun to me, but deathtrap feels like such a potato and unreliable. I feel like I waste half of a skill if I either don’t need to be tanky, don’t need melee damage, or don’t use deathtrap that much. I also don’t know if the legendary catalyst class mod applies to deathtrap since it says team damage. That might help with make him a bit better too. Random tangent aside, I’ll probably do some different runs once I learn the character. Mostly learning how anarchy, close enough, and some other skills works completely.

I’m no Gaige expert but from what others have said here, she’s one of the easier ones to use in the peak.

Yeah, I have no clue how hard/easy it is, I always over prepare for everything lol though I’m confident I could do it.

Me too :slight_smile: i’ve done it in many games, spent hours setting up for something, and then the thing I was preparing for took about a minute :smiley:

Just have a go at peak, run few times to be sure that you’ll need that extra edge. I mean refarming the items probably takes longer than making some DP runs, so I think why not have a go or two before you start farming.

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I also do hardcore/1 life runs on most games as well even if I haven’t beat them yet, so I don’t like dying in general.

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I recently got my Gaige to OP8 using a OC/LBT build using shock and corrosive ( definitely corrosive on robots ). Luckily Anarchy does most of your damage and farming gear was necessary for me at OP3, 5, 7.

As Carlton said the fibber won’t do much after a couple levels but it may still come in handy for surveyors ( even though they’re resistant to fire ) but that may be about it.

I would try for Hyperion shotguns - especially the Conference Call from the Warrior or Handsome Sorcerer. The Bone Shredders that Bonehead drops are also fantastic. I used them a lot - convenient and very powerful. I recommend maxing Nth Degree if you’re not using a DT build.

I used the Bee for most of the map except the tight areas like the Assassins arena.

If you care, I used this build with a Legendary Catalyst:

I just put in the essential points leaving some for BFF or LBT. Also I maxed at 250 stacks. I don’t like pre-stacking and that’s about as high as you’ll get on a Peak run.

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My points in the LBT/BFF trees are slightly different than yours; otherwise it’s pretty close to what I have for Queen Scream- she just unlocked OP4 :grin:

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I was thinking of doing a similar build actually. I didn’t farm much shock gear, and wasn’t sure what to use yet. I got like the perfect fire redundant fibber after a couple hours of farming, and just decided to stick with it even though I wanted shock, or normal.

I’m probably going to farm a binary thunderball fist in the dlc, since farming flynt is just awful and takes forever. His drop chance seems so incredibly low.

Of all the elements to settle for, this is probably the worst.

Yeah, I knew that when I got it, but just couldn’t be bothered. It’s not too difficult to get another anyways. I only wanted shock, or normal really. preferrably shock since I could also use it for a elemental build as well.

I’m very curious how it will do and how far it’ll take you. I’m guessing it will be ok til OP3, regardless of element.

Please report!

Sorr for the late response, but I made it to op 6 with crappy gear. I could probably go further, but it’s too bothersome to keep using a fire redundant fibber, so i decided to farm some and do other things. I mostly used the slagga, fibber, lyuda, and a hornet without ever prefarming stacks.

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Nice! Impressive that Fibber could get that far.