Should I get Digistruct Peak?

I want to know if it is as big as one of the four main DLCs or is it a small campaign like the head hunter DLCs. Should I get it? It’s worth it?

Also, when is the best time to play the DLCs in general? Because if you go into one and after that return to the main story, everything is several levels below you and the game is dull and not as challenging anymore untill you progress a lot further. So where do they “go”?

This will be definitely be a nuanced response.

If you’re enjoying UVHM but you’re a glutton for challenge and punishment, than getting Raid on Digistruct will open up the OP levels for you, essentially adding a brand new layer to already standing game play.

If you’ve been finding frustrations plentiful with UVHM as is, then it may be best for you to hold off so far as you feel comfortable to try a new challenge.

Hitting OP8 will give you an unrivaled sense of satisfaction, and is also a great way to go on “random hunts” with a lot of friends who may want to complete it in the future. It is a very trying experience though.

So I should ask; what exactly do you want to experience more of?


[quote=“orion5666, post:1, topic:550641”]I want to know if it is as big as one of the four main DLCs or is it a small campaign like the head hunter DLCs. Should I get it? It’s worth it?[/quote]It’s a relatively small DLC, whose primary purpose is to be a meat grinder for earning one’s way up the OP levels. The OP levels are worth the price of admission to me, but I personally rarely return to this map now that I’m all leveled up. Some people like it though (and there are a lot of chests and gear to be had if you run through there).

My opinion, i didn’t like it. Despite how much i love this game. Digi Peak is where the fun left for me.
Do you like a challenge and punishment? Then by all means buy it. If you struggled with uvhm and found it more frustrating than fun then id suggest against buying digi peak.


I noticed a lot of Krieg fans enjoying Digistruct.

Then again, we play on a character who has a chance of literally bashing himself in the head.


[quote=“Giuvito, post:5, topic:550641, full:true”]
I noticed a lot of Krieg fans enjoying Digistruct[/quote]
I didn’t, but I have a hard time playing anything below OP 8 now.


To answer your question, @orion5666: the Digistruct Peak is basically just a very large arena that you have to open up in stages. It doesn’t change the game aside from allowing you to set the difficultly once you’ve opened up the first Overpowered level. As Joe said, if you feel the base UVHM difficulty is too easy, then get DP and do the runs until you find one that’s more satisfying. Another thing DP adds is another 11 levels, so if you have the first upgrade pack and want to get to level 72, you’ll need DP. You don’t need to actually use it, but you will need it installed.

If nothing else, the DLC allows you to get to 72 and have fun with another 11 skill points.

Side benefits of the OP levels: Having the ability to set the difficulty of the game lower so that you can practice raid strategies against less difficult enemies. For example, the first time I killed Pyro Pete and Jackenstein, it was with OP7 weapons and the difficulty on OP0 (level 72). Once I had a feel for the fights, I knocked them out at current level.

Having played through it a lot, I find myself planning on rebuilding full sets of level 72 gear for the 4 core classes, and also maintaining gear at the highest OP level I’ve gotten to with each of them. 72 is quite a bit of fun. Full skill point pool, no crazy damage reduction.

The extra levels that come with it is nice but for Digistruct Peak I want to do with it. I went ahead and tried it after saying I would not like it for months and after a few OP levels I stopped.

All of my friends play excusively at OP 8 when it first came out so my social gaming went belly up, not that it hurts my feelings.

As some other already stated: If you like to grind and raid its a wonderfull DLC, if you´re fastly frustrated then I won´t buy it. I´m stuck at OP4 and its quiet frustrating…But I really enjoyed to raid the mountain nonetheless.
So, no must-have but a wonderfull exta content for hose who can´t get enough^^

Yes, but can’t you access Digistruct Peak before those high levels?

How about lv 30, or 40 or 50??!

Also, when is the best time to play the other DLC’s without screwing the main gameplay up?

You can access Digistruct Peak in any mode. However, you can’t get any OP levels until you are both lvl 72 and in UVHM. If you are hoping to access DP earlier for the purposes of “powerleveling” you are honestly better off finding someone who has an OP8 character and access to Pyro Pete’s Bar. You would, of course, also have to have the Torgue DLC to access Pyro Pete’s bar. The Bar room brawl on OP8 is the fastest legitimate way to powerlevel any character.

As for when to access the DLC, someone else would probably have to answer that for Normal and TVHM. In UVHM, I wait until my character is lvl 72 before beginning any of the DLC. That way, I don’t have to reset my playthru if I start a DLC / DLC quests before lvl 72 (or OP lvls) but want quest rewards to be lvl 72 or even OP levels.

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The suggested starting level for Mr Torgue and Capt Scarlett is level 15, while the suggested starting level for Tiny Tina and Sir Hammerlock is level 30. Chances are you may gain at least a level or two in the lower leveled dlc- if you fear this will make the main campaign less challenging just hold off until you finish normal. Just using myself as an example in Normal I only played Mr Torgue and Capt Scarlet with all 6 VH and didn’t do Tiny Tina or Sir Hammerlock. In TVHM I again played Mr Torgue/Capt Scarlet with everyone and only Tiny Tina with Axton. IN UVHM I played all 4 main dlc (along with the Marcus Saves Mercenary Day Headhunter dlc) with all 6 VH. I’ve done Digistruct Peak with all 6 VH up to OP8, mainly because- as someone once said of another mountain- “It was there.” This may not be much of a guide but that really depends on how you want to play your game- everything at once or save a few things for whatever max level you want to stop at?

These folks summed it up.

I, for one, am a fan. I run through the Peak as I drink my wakey bean juice…every day.
Once you’re OP8 and are comfortable playing there, it’s hard to go back ( though fun to play lower levels w/ friends ).

As far as online play, it seems there are far more players hosting at 72 than there are playing at the OP8 level. ( This only applies to PS3 online Matchmaking…I can’t speak for the other platforms ).

It’s because the matchmaking system only shows those +/- 3 levels below you, so you would only see from OP 3 (75) to 69 unless GBX fixed it.

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As long as I’ve played the game, the online play portion is new to me so thank you very much. That helps.

It does seem to find a lot of straightforward lvl 72 games even though I’m pretty much always set to OP8 however.

I do see a pattern that when I try to host a game at The Peak, however…I have to be set to 3 or under for anyone to show up ( on public setting, of course ).
This might explain it. I would host more games at the peak if people showed up.

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I still don’t have Digistruct yet either. I think I’ve decided to max level at 61 and see how it goes, mostly because I’m still in TVHM and only have 7 more levels till I get there, but also because I’m enjoying just playing through all the DLC at the moment. For me, the biggest reason to get the upgrade 2 pack (and I probably will get it eventually) isn’t more levels or more challenge, it’s the second set of Pearls that come with it. A fairly large motivating factor for a self-confessed loot hound.

I highly recommend it.

This is very much true.

The first few OP levels one tends to blast through.

I found that on Krieg, the combination of so many skill perks made the experience almost dull.

It wasn’t until OP4+ that you are even required to give some forethought to your next action.

Also, I have heard that many people unlock up to about OP3 and stop right there. As they see little incentive in progressing beyond that point. OP levels are really the very last difficulty slider for the game.

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Agreed and true enough.

Only get Digistruct Peak if you look forward to the major slog to get to OP8 because that’s all it is. The loss of random Matchmaking is probably the biggest mistake that Gearbox made for the endgame of BL2. You get to OP8 and you either run with your friends or fly solo. I hated that aspect.