Should I get the level cap DLCs?

Hey guys I recently picked up Borderlands 2 for the first time about 2 weeks ago (was $4.80 on PSN store) and have reached level 50 on my Axton, I’m right on the part of fighting the Warrior again. I plan to go on to UVHM after I finish all the side quests on TVHM.

I’m a bit of a penny pincher and I don’t think I would mind staying at level 50, but the idea of ranking up even more to OP8 is somewhat appealing to me except I imagine it’s more grinding.

I was thinking of level capping every other character and then perhaps buying the DLCs, it’s either that or I spend even more time on my Axton going up to OP8

What do you all suggest?

Yeah, the real fun starts in UVHM. Is it GOTY Edition?

Definitely get the level cap increases and the 4 main dlc- and if you want to spend about $3 dollars American get at least the Marcus Saves Mercenary Day and Wam Bam Island Headhunter packs- it’s six bucks you won’t regret spending…

It is not, I’m probably going to buy the level caps just after I finish the sidquests and all so I have all the level 50 gear to pick and choose from.

Just checked on them and it’ll be around 40 bucks to get the main DLCs looool, guess I’ll have to wait for the season pass to go on sale.

Enemies level with you on UVHM.
4 Campaigns DLC + Craw HH DLC + Marcus HH DLC + Krieg + Gaige.