Should I increase my Mayhem lvl with this Guardian build?

I’m playing Moze at level 65 and I finally tried increasing my mayhem level and said screw it, let me try mayhem lvl 10. Loaded up the Krieg’s Mind DLC and ummmmm…yeah, no. Big mistake. Got my ass kicked but no susprise there, since it’s well, M.10.

Decreased it to M.8, same deal. Way too much. Dropped t again to M.7, only slightly easier and I mean slightly, but still getting my ass handed to me.

Let me say that my for my main skill build, I have Bottomless Mags maxed out, Demolition Woman almost maxed out with a few points short here and there, and pretty much nothing in Shield of Retribution.

So the obvious two question are, is that is decent skill build? And… is my Guardian build with Moze is not good enough? Lets break it down…

Enforcer - 0 points
Survivor - 87 points
Hunter - 0 points

So…as you can see, I’ve only been putting my points in Survivor so far, but I need about 10 or so more tokens to max it out. Seeing as how Survivor is the only column I’m invested in, am I strong enough to even bother playing on any Mayhem level above 1? Which Mayhem level should I play on with this Guardian build?

What other tips and hints do you suggest for playing on higher Mayhem levels with Moze? I want to get the good loot, but not if I can’t even survive 10 seconds against these mobs.

Finally, why does my Iron Bear not last nearly as long? Anything I can do to make him stronger in higher Mayhem levels. Barely 20 seconds and they blow him to smithereens. Like I said, Bottomless Mags and Demolition Woman are almost all maxed out.

This post doesn’t give any information about your actual build.
Skill tree ? Shield,artifact,grenade,COM,weapons ?

You got plenty of threads in the Moze section to help you.
If Iron bear gets down too quickly, either invest on skills that make him stronger, or reconsider your health bar, as his armor scales with Moze’s health (loaded dice artifact makes Iron bear as resistant as thin paper).

Regarding guardian ranks, it’s up to you, but the game will of course be easier if you focus on damage dealing perks instead of raising your health and shield pools. Keep in mind how it scales, there is very few benefit per point above 12%, and it stops at 15%.

Higher mayhem is gear depending…

You probably went in with a non/low mayhem shield and got 1 shot :joy:

Luckely you can farm vendors for shields, mods, grenades :wink:

Or use the fabricator on legendary setting and get main game legendaries.

Then farm away at an easy boss (gigamind is a pushover and easy to farm)

Given you’re doing this on M10 will give you at least 1 legendary :joy:

But you’ll be looking for a decent artifact

Get yourself a decent loadout of standard drops so you can kill stuff effectively and then you farm for the items you want

Or you could also ask friends to trade you some M10 weapons :wink:

There are other ways, but are not allowed to be discussed :joy:

Though you could also farm some M10 gear and lower your mayhem level haha you’ll be pretty much invincible :joy:

If both these trees are maxed out, then I would say you have bad gear. Try farming better gear. What’s your current gear?

Also for IB, the more HP Moze, the more IB has more HP(armor) as well. Your IB dies quickly because he has low armor and he is not killing fast enough. What IB augments are you using.

If you want easy mode with Moze, get a Mind Sweeper com and Flipper SMG.

My lvl 9 Flipper SMG and lvl 14 Mind Sweeper still does well on Mayhem 3 against vl 65 enemies!!

Thanks guys very helpful. I didn’t know you could obtain higher Mayhem level shields. What about Class Mods and Artifacts? Can you get higher levels of those, to whatever Mayhem level you’re currently on as well? But yeah that’s the problem, I walked in there with level 1 shields and everything else LOL.

As for my skill tree build, like I said, I’m maxed out on pretty much everything on both Bottomless mags and Demolition Woman, while Shield of Retribution is pretty much devoid of any SP whatsoever.

This is fine. This is probably not the most optinize skill allocation but it will work with great result against any content in the game – whatever the Mayhem lvl is.

It’s really your gear. I believe mods and artitacts dont get Mayhem lvl scaling. Just get the lvl 65 version.

You can’t, actually. Shields that deal damage (nova, spike, etc) will scale up their damage output (the damage value on the item card won’t change, but it’s multiplied in the background), but capacity does not.

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Tbh all you need is a flipper with ch1 anoint. To farm this you only need IB. Moze main, I know what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

What is a flipper and where do I go to get one?

If that’s true, then why are some people saying I’m getting own3d because my armor or shield is too low? What exactly do they mean?

That comment for example

you can play without guardian rank with no problems as long as you are running any meta

shields and weapons scale in mayhem :wink:

your classmod and artifact don’t scale in mayhem (they do get the mayhem level slapped on but doesn’t do anything)

so you can farm your classmod and artifact on any mayhem level :slight_smile:

The Flipper SMG comes from the Bounty of Blood DLC – you have this? You need to get as far as the Bloodsun Canyon on Gehenna (it’s a crew challenge, google this for the exact location).

But, going after a Mayhem 10 Flipper would be very tough for you given what you’ve said. Moze might be my least played vault hunter but I went back recently to get to level 65 and was amazed I could farm Graveward pretty easy with a Flipper, good anointments on my shield & grenade, a decent class mod, & a Pearl artifact (from the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC). What platform are you on? I could pass over a few items if you are on PSN (& have these DLCs).

Mayhem 10 is easy mode with Moze because instead of the game getting harder, she gets bullsh!t scaling on two skills: Short Fuse and Skag Den. Turn that ■■■■ all the way up. Ironbear is also stupidly strong with no gear, for some reason.

Plaguebearer, Monarch, Backburner, and Kaoson are all your best base game guns.

If you have access to DLC3, you can grab the Flipper, which just demolishes everything because of Skag Den and Short Fuse.

As others have said, if you are lacking in damage definitely max out Fire in the skag den and make sure to get Short Fuse, both in Blue tree. If you want Iron Bear to last longer get a Bear Trooper class mod.

Also moze has a lot of synergy with the Under 50% health 150% rad anointment on weapons. She even has skills in the red tree to lower her HP to capitalize without having to use a Front Loader or deathless artifact. Drowning in Brass in the red tree is also a solid skill to max out

Thanks guys. I’ll try to get the Flipper. I’m on PC with all DLC(Ultimate deluxe edition)

You’ll need more GR to really take advantage of M10.

  • Overkill (25)
  • C-C-Combo (50)
  • Hollow Point (75)

These can really help increase your damage.

I run MTD for xp when leveling up new alts, but there are better way to get GR I think. Scraptraps, if you have DLC 1 is supposed to be good. Maybe Rampager revolving door if it still works.

But as many have said, load up M10 and do chest farming and vendor farming to get some good M10 weapons. That will make a huge difference, even if you’re not ready for real M10. You should be able to do M8 with M10 gear and compatible anoints.

This is a variation of the builds I run:

Use Rocketeer and Bear Trooper, depending on the situation. IB with Corrsoive Sabot and Capacitive Armature is really strong. Plus I’m less likely to kill myself with explosives. But the Mind Sweeper builds are really solid and you can still use IB for emergencies or extra damage.

Currently I’m using a Terror nova with Facepuncher and it’s a lot of fun, but I’m also running 3/3 in Thin Red Line, so my survivability is pretty low w/o IB. I might switch to a health-gate build for improved survivability. But I’m going to wait and see how I like the new skills (assuming the game run well on new console, 3 crashes last night!).

I really like Moze now. While every build/COM isn’t M10 worthy, she has a lot more viable options than say Zane. She was the character I was the most excited to play when BL3 was announced, and Iron Cub is exactly what I was looking for as an option to IB.

I use this:

Deathless artifact, Bloodletter COM (+3 Desperate Measures), Transformer shield, AAS novas anointed electric Lob (for self-heal on foot, and fun in IB), and whatever gun URad annointed.
IB loaded with double corrosive sabot railgun, everything melts quite fast.

Nothing for FitSD? I thought it had some crazy mayhem scaling. I heard over 400% on M10, but I haven’t really been paying attention to it lately. I tried skipping it on a non-incendiary build (to avoid suiciding with the Complex Root), but my overall damage felt really low.

No need for added damage, deathless + 6/3 DM already grants a full time +100%, and URad gives full time +150% on top of that (I use the reduced crit damage, friendly drones, and healy revenge Mayhem mods, that’s not a problem if you focus on AS/blast damage bonuses on artifact and COM). I just tear through basic enemies with URad Lightshow (DLC4), and use IB for big baddies.

… and FitSD is a bit counter-productive when you try to refill your Transformer shield with an electric Lob.

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