Should I keep the beta?

Will I get something special for keeping it once the game comes out?

Same question here. Am I supposed to delete it now and reinstall the official game upon release? I’m planning on getting the disc instead of digital, BTW…

I’m getting digital.

We don’t realy know how the beta bonus will work, I assume its attached to your shift account but I really don’t know. Couldn’t find much on it

The only bonus I could find is for the ps4 players who tested.

“PS4 BETA PLAYERS: As a thank you to PS4 players who participate in the Open Beta, they will receive the first Battleborn DLC Pack 1 and instant access to Alani upon release. PlayStation 4 players who participate in the upcoming Open Beta and also purchase the Season Pass will receive a hero unlock key allowing you to instantly unlock any hero in the game. In addition, PS4 players will have access to the Battleborn hero, Toby, during the Open Beta.”

Source here

for me and my friends on steam the beta was removed from our library.

anyone knows if that means it deleted itself from my SSD also?

I’d check in your Steam folder, but probably not.

No it has not been deleted, it has only been removed from the library list.