Should I pick capacity over recharge delay or vice versa?

I have two blockade with different stats right now, one of them has high capacity and longer recharge delay like almost 6 sec. The other one seems has all hyperion parts, so it has much smaller capacity and lower recharge delay. I prefer the fist one because gaige has BBS, so she doesn’t care about recharge delay and blockade is kind buged that it give same damage resistance despite parts. On the other hand, I find most people suggest go with hyperion parts, so I am kind confused, which one should I pick? This same question happens to me agian when I trying to find best antagonist, I want anshin parts, but everyone is going for hyperion again. I understand you will go for hyperion parts on bee or sham, but don’t get it why everyone crazy for hyperion parts on every shield?

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If you use Blood Soaked Shields, I recommend capacity. She gets great use out of high capacity shields in general with that skill.


Capacity for sure if you use blood soaked shields and can kill pretty reliably


One of the reasons people default to recommending Hyperion (on literally everything :roll_eyes:) is they generally offer a good balance of stats and also give relatively high “special” boost (i.e. roid damage, health increase, nova damage).

However, the Blockade’s damage reduction is fixed regardless of parts.

Your high capacity one will have Pangolin - perhaps Anshin too. So Gaige is the only one this would be good for.

Other characters will do better with Bandit, Tediore, Hyperion.


With the antagonist, go for hyperion to maximize the deflection chance and damage

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Normally Maliwan parts offer the highest special effect stats. The Antagonist is different and I can’t remember why. Is it because it doesn’t spawn with Maliwan? Or is it because the stats have a cap that Hyperion is good enough to reach?

Edit : just checked. Antagonist can’t spawn with Maliwan parts. So yes, max stats will come from Hyperion.

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I found out, actually all Anshin parts Antagonist is the best for gaige. Triple the capacity, same deflection chance, 820% deflection danage compare to all Hyperion parts 880% and damage reduction 47% to 49%

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