Should I play again?

I 've stopped playing after mayhem 2.0 came out, i wasnt having fun anymore and since I’ve decided to pass on the DLC I felt like there was no point to play anymore. I didnt feel like farming over and over every every time the level cap increases. It also seems like the best weapons are the last one available, so without the DLC I know I wont have access to the best items available. I’am a Fl4k player and when I check its thread it looks like people have given up on updating what’s his best gear is, so I figured i’m probably not the only one who gave up on this game. Do you guys still play even though you dont have the DLC? Last I played was 3 months ago, anything new since then?

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I think the only question you need to answer is, are you having fun? It really doesn’t matter what the rest of us think. I have a lot of issues with the game and I am not currently playing. When I do play I still have fun despite those issues. I am mainly not playing as I am currently away from my gaming PC and PS4. Also I got hooked on a different game. I do plan on coming back.

You say that you are mainly a Fl4k player. Have you taken Fl4k through TVHM? Personally if I were you I would switch to a different vault hunter and take them through the game. I have three of the four finished with TVHM. One of the great things about the game is that the vault hunters do feel different. I would recommend you jump into a Moze (I am a Moze main, so a bit biassed) play through. I hear she ROLFSTOMPING everything in Iron Bear. I am a bit jealous as that is not something I have had the chance to experience despite being a Moze main.

Have fun!

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I don’t personally like to farm endlessly either, and go over to BL1 or 2 when I’m at that spot (like now).

But I do play when a new DLC comes out, I like new story, combat, and gear.

With the release of DLC 3 I would say Give it a go. Story is OK, lots of good maps, and some great new gear to play with. I also found that my previous Good Gear, like my lvl 57 O.P.Q., is perfectly fine through lvl 60.

Go play it, I had lots of fun, hopefully you will also.

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