Should I start a new toon?

Im done with normal and tvhm, haven’t beaten dlc yet but have started it. Playing amara btw.

In my tvhm play I didn’t do side missions, is it worth it to just complete all side missions after doing the dlc or just start a new character? I was thinking fl4k next because my transition from maya to zer0 was amazing. Thoughts?!

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Do whatever you think will be fun. Also no reason you have to completely commit to one of the options, you could do an hour of your new Flak then jump onto your Amara for an hour for some side missions. I’m on 3 maxed characters and working on a moze and I find changing all the time keeps things feeling fresh.

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This. Absolutely this. If it looks like it might be fun, try it; if it doesn’t turn out to be that much fun, try something different. There’s no “right” way to play Borderlands games in terms of completing this or that. Do as much - or as little - as you like.


I won’t tell you what to do, but I’ll say that I currently have two Mozes (both 50), two Amaras (50 and 37), two Fl4ks (50 and 18), and one Zane (45). Too many different builds I wanted to play.

I stopped to grind Slaughter 3000 on mayhem and creep that shiv up!
Had a whole plan to go do eridian writing-red chesting.

Trials and Slaughter bring it on

Also Dec 31st til Jan 16th is solo Blacksite time!!!

I know I can do whatever I want :yum: but I do have limited time throughout the week maybe an hour here and there, my only main day is Friday’s, tonight lol but for the first half of my night after the wife went to work I’ve been cleaning because of a speech therapist coming out on Jan 8th for my oldest son who’s 1 1/2 so 2 kids a wife and a full time job leaves me very little time to play bl3. Im surprised im max level and caught up. Anyway back to my point, I like to make my time count and going back and forth between toons doesn’t sit well with the completionist in me. I need to run through and complete a ton in 1 day. I know it’s just my weird quirks lol. Thanks everybody for the replies, I’m just conflicted on what to do next after completing dlc which will probably happen tonight. Sorry for wall of text lol.

If you’re not playing Zane you should :crazy_face:

Why should i?

Yes lol , u aint enjoy the game fully if u don’t play all character and max level

If nothing else, I’d say he has the best lines overall.

He is enjoyable to listen too and he’s just versatile to play—well now that the seein dead class mod has been added. They have fixed most of his skills, so he is much more playable. And even though I’ve been playing him since launch it doesn’t get old listening to him, unlike Amara and Moze who just sit around while I contemplate leveling up FL4k.

I started all 4 characters and would keep each character about 10 levels above the other so i could pass the really good weapons on to my lower level character. Zane was my 4th character and pretty much had legenaries through rest of the game once i got to the sanctuary ship. I agree with others Zane is most entertaining to play ammara is way to cocky like people you meet in games that think they are gamer gods. just plane annoying.

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