Should I start playing or wait?

Hey Guys and Gals, im new to the forum and this is my first post. YAY lol :smile:

Im in the UK and have the HC on xbox one ready to launch. I’m aware there has been a few problems regarding cross-save and loyalty rewards so was just wondering if i should wait for a patch to release before playing or if it is worth trying to download a save from my 360 to test if it works. Obviously im dying to play the game as im sure most people are but dont want to cause more problems if i boot it up.

Any reply much appreciated :smile:


try playing. Not everybody has have problem with the loyalty and BAR. Whenever the patch hits it will not overwrite your character.

Thanks man. Gonna give it a go now.

yeah same problem as everyone else. character went over but no badass rank or keys. just wait for patch i guess.

You won’t cause any more problems by playing on your transferred characters:

okay that’s great. thanks for the reply :smile: