Should Maurice be trusted?!?

The Saurians sent Maurice on an agreement with Tannis aboard Sanctuary III with the intent of “better understanding the society of the warmbloods”. While this intent could be innocent enough it also sounds exactly like something A SPY WOULD SAY!!!.

What was Maurice’s first move once aboard Sanctuary III? He began digging up dirt on Marcus. While this could be a genuine concern about Marcus’s questionable character it could also be an effort to sow seeds of division and doubt between the Crimson Raiders and their primary weapon supplier.

Maurice is clearly able to operate outside of the Crimson Raiders knowledge or we would have a better idea about the dealings he does when gambling and so on. His would also imply that Maurice has some degree of network to be invited to these high stakes gambling events.

We have been sent all across the galaxy doing Maurice’s bidding from collecting paranormal “ghost goo” to eradicating criminal Cartels and now with the Community Carnage event we are killing boss level enemies across the Borderverse. This all seems to me as a fine chance for the Saurians to examine the strengths and weaknesses of our VH’s. After all we are transported to the Heck Hole and Villa Ultraviolet via a mysterious portal summoned by none other than Maurice. Where is he actually sending us? Am I the only one that sees this as possibly a massive recon effort to size up the Crimson Raiders?

Also consider Maurice’s Black Market vending machine. The revenue generated by this would be a nice bonus to any military group.

We know that the Saurians feel that they are superior to the “warmbloods”. Was Maurice vetted before allowed aboard Sanctuary III? Could we be overlooking a very serious threat? Could the Saurians be setting up a possible attempt to overtake the Crimson Raiders? What are they even capable of?

Something seems fishy here friends, I might be overthinking it but I’m gonna keep this “Maurice” at arms length.

(I know the idea is a long shot, but I felt compelled to try to spark a fresh topic in a very bleak forum)


Alex Jones would be proud LOL


I would gladly lay down my life for comrade Maurice. GLORY TO THE GAPING MAWLANDS!


I’m not sure how to respond to that . . . :sweat_smile:


I see you don’t hold the same loyalty to the Crimson Raiders that you do FL4K’s pets . . .

In all honesty tho they would kinda have it coming. They act like they are the guardians of the galaxy yet fail to ever look behind them.


I’m only loyal to the Hunt. I think the Saurians get that.

Also, maybe I can dominate one and bring it into the pack…


Claw and order part 2. Marcus is that you?


I never trust anything that can eat me.


Who could argue against logic like this?!


From how he behaves Maurice seems to me like the sort who wears his feelings on his sleeve. The concept of being deceitful would possibly be considered to him a “human thing”.


Maurice is a product of Gearbox. Obviously, they can’t be trusted.


An interesting take, if correct it could very easily dismantle my tinfoil hat conspiracy.

To me however, I have to wonder how Maurice won a high stakes card game if he was incapable of deceit. Honesty doesn’t generally get you very far when gambling.

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why yes he is my fav scaley boyo


Maurice certainly has a good poker face, though.


I have stewed on it and I am ready to comment on your statement.

There is a degree of satire in my rambling conspiracy, but also some substance. Imagine the story arc that Maurice’s betrayal could have in a future Borderlands installment?

The Saurians are relatively a mystery to us as to what they are capable of. Their attack could be the way that the Watcher warned us about in TPS(although I highly doubt it).

If you look at it through the right lens GBX has laid the foundation for a legendary antagonist with Maurice and the Saurians.


@vCarpeDiemv LOL I was really just half-ass teasing you for what seemed like kind of a funny conspiracy theory post. Nothing more.

But I mean honestly - since when has GBX writing actually followed through on the story lines that our fandom has found most interesting? We got this huge tease from TPS about the “coming war” and then - nothing much in BL3 to follow up.

I feel like the story line of the Commander Lilith DLC did nothing much to lead up to BL3, and although I did enjoy the DLC in general, it kinda makes me wonder why they released it in the first place, because it doesn’t appear to have had that much to do with anything at all that happened in BL3.

Bottom line, I wouldn’t assume that anything that happened in BL3 will have a lot to do with the next game. Maybe I am fully disillusioned by now though LOL


Yeah, I wasn’t on this site for BL2 so I can’t speak for what was/wasn’t suggested for future story arcs.

I just hope the next villain has a bit more going for it/them than the Calypso twins.


@vCarpeDiemv I’m not even talking about what was suggested or debated here or elsewhere. I honestly do not care about fanfiction. I’m just talking about the failure to follow through on their own story lines.


It’s as if they brick their own ally-oop . . .


@vCarpeDiemv I love GBX as a developer, but storytelling is not something they are very good at. The worldbuilding that GBX does is excellent, which makes the storytelling default even more apparent. GBX needs its own Amy Hennig. Love Anthony Burch or hate him - he had ideas about what the BL story should be.

Honestly - they just need to commit to a story line and see it through.