Should 'Platinum DLC' be in Season Pass?

The decision made by 2K and GB raises a rather subjective question of, “What do you expect to get if you purchase a Season Pass”. The same as what people expect to have included in a full priced game versus free-to-play or cheaper games. They had said there would also be micro-transactions in the game, so what does each individual expect to be in Season Pass, and in micro-transactions?

Now, personally I have no problems with cosmetic only micro-transactions. Would I prefer all of these options to be automatically included in a game where a heavy draw is being able to tweak how your character looks? Of course. Ignoring everything else, so far the micro-transactions in BB are rather fair. It’s for completely optional cosmetic items, and you can purchase exactly what you want unlike in OW (which while you CAN, at the moment, get all available skins in game, it is heavily luck based with the micro-transactions being luck based as well). IF they add micro-transactions for gear boxes, credit/xp boosts, then I will be unhappy with their model. Probably the only way to make their model fairer, is to be able to purchase the item directly, rather than buying a currency where you will have left-overs. But honestly, you’d probably end up paying the same price anyway.

Does the fact you purchased the Season Pass (which I did) mean you should receive ALL skins and taunts? They do say there will be exclusive skins and taunts for Season Pass, but they don’t specify all future skins and taunts will be included. Is it ok to have specific ones for Season Pass holders, and additional ones for ‘Platinum DLC’? Maybe 2K and GB need to now be clearer about how many skins and taunts will be included with the Season Pass, and an idea of when they’ll be released. Will they just come in random patches like the platinum skins? Or will they be released with each DLC story mission that comes with the Season Pass?

Should 2K and GB have given Season Pass holders a little added bonus that wasn’t stated as being past of the Season Pass (like maybe Platinum for one skin)? They’ve given something that wasn’t in the Season Pass material already in the early access to new characters. When the information about what would be included in the Season Pass was released, it only states they holders would receive a key to unlock them straight away. We assumed that this would be at the same time everyone else got access, but we wouldn’t have to pay credits or complete a challenge. They only announced that Season Pass holders would get early access as well as a free unlock when they announced the release date for Alani. Maybe a little bit of Platinum could have gone a long way in regards to good will considering ‘Platinum DLC’ content came out before Season Pass content (I’m excluding Alani’s early access because it wasn’t originally stated as being part of the Season Pass).

So, while I’m ok with their model for micro-transactions as it stands, I do think things could have been handled a little better with it’s release. Also, that they definitely need to clear up what we can really expect from the Season Pass, and some idea of when.


I think they should have just added in the skins and taunts with a fixed price instead of buy this currency which doesnt equal the cost of a skin to buy a skin or something along those lines.

I don’t feel like they need to give us Season Pass holders anything more than they have already promised, just that the micro transactions could have been implemented in a less money hungry way.

The Skins and Taunts will come with the DLC packs as and when they are released. They will no doubt be including information on all things DLC a week before it is released in the Battleplan.

They also had stated before that Season Pass holders will instantly receive Hero Keys to unlock new characters as they are released so that is not additional to the Season Pass material its part of the Season Pass deal.

I do think ■■■■ will hit the fan if the skins and taunts for Season Pass are overall considered to be poorer quality than Platinum skins. Or if there are only a couple.

This comes down to the clarity from 2K and GB as well. Tier 2 skins are Platinum skins, and there’s one for each character (except for Miko, which they’re fixing). So can we assume Tier 3 skins will be the same? So how many can we expect to get in the Season Pass?

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Early access is not the same as the Hero Key. We got the Hero key so we didn’t have to pay the credits to unlock the character. This was said to be a perk of Season Pass. Getting 1 week early access in addition to this was not originally mentioned.

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I would expect one skin for every character in the game alongside one taunt for every character in the game. That being said i don’t know if i expect to get one skin/taunt for every character per DLC pack or one skin/taunt for every character across all the DLC packs.

Either way it will all be detailed in the Battleplan the week before the first DLC pack drops and we will have a much clearer picture on this matter then.

No this may not have been mentioned way back but it was mentioned prior to Alani’s release and now as Season Pass holders we can expect to get early access to all new characters.

But this is my point. Purchasing the Season Pass is becoming vaguer in what you will actually receive for your money. With the addition of a Platinum DLC, I do think it’s necessary to now define exactly what we can expect from the core Season Pass. If they then give things on top of that, yay. But then we know what we will get for sure in Season Pass, and won’t have to assume.

It is a problem inherent with Season Passes. You are making a purchase based on the promises of content and assumptions. That’s why I believe good companies should be as clear about it as possible,

Yeah i guess i understand your point, it should be mentioned on the Store page for the Season Pass rather than us being informed via the Battleplan a week or two prior to something coming or happening relating to the Season Pass.

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You can also make the argument that it’s not fair on people who haven’t purchased the Season Pass. What if they do add even more content in the future to the Season Pass than was originally stated? I purchased the Season Pass knowing I would get an auto-unlock for new characters. When they eventually said we’d get early access too, was it a nice bonus? Yes. But I can also see from the perspective of others who didn’t see value in the Season Pass thinking, “Wait a minute, you didn’t say they were going to get that.”

So like I said, I gets very muddy and subjective to what each person thinks they should get when they purchase a Season Pass. Just the things stated? Or any and all future content?

I see this less of a “give us more” issue and more of a “sell more season passes” issue.

Judging by the number of gold bases I see those campaign DLC missions are going to be a lonely place…

season passes lay out what they includ nowadays. They are really just discounted packs of DLC. They hardly ever (never) contain language saying “includes all dlc and microtransactions forever”.

Sad but true. You gotta expect Gbox to charge DLC outside of the season pass based on their history with BL2. Wasn’t a surprise at all. Would have been surprised if they DIDN’T do it.

I do wish they would add a grind option for them. It is compelling for lots of players and this game needs more hooks, not less.

Except, if you look on the Season Pass page, it still says nothing about early access being included. It only mentions the Hero Key to unlock new heroes.

Honestly, if the they had specified that the tier 2 skins weren’t going to be part of the game and that they’d be microtransactions, I wouldn’t have bothered getting the season pass. I genuinely thought - like most people - that they were part of the game and weren’t even part of any dlc/season pass/digital deluxe exclusives. The terrible recolour skins we got are just that… terrible! I’m quite disappointed in GBX for not being clearer about it from the start. Everybody values different aspects of the game differently though, I guess

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YES, gearbox should have kept it simple and include EVERYTHING released post realease in a, preferrably, single season pass… k.i.s.s. It will help us like you more… I promise…