Should PvP and PvE balancing be separated?

This is a topic I need to make as I think we need to talk about it. It may be wrong and I may face reprisal for it, but I think we need to talk about it. This thread isn’t one person saying that we should do this, plenty of other threads have done that, instead it’s an invitation.

I want to open the floor for discussion.

Do you think that having the balancing metas linked harms the game and increases toxicity?

That’s what I want to ask you.

I’ll open the floor with my opinion, and share how I feel on this topic. I really do want to bring this to Gearbox’s attention, despite which way this goes. So let’s see if we can keep this thread alive with discussion about the pros and cons. I know there’s always a desire to squabble, but try to focus on how this affects you rather than arguing too much if possible. I’m sorry that I have to ask that.

Anyway, my opinion.

I think that balancing wasn’t nearly this harsh in the Borderlands series. This is because they weren’t balancing using PvP as a basis, so the handling was much more delicate and handled over time. In a PvP scenario, though, balance changes need to be launched out into the wild as quickly as possible.

That’s fine for PvP, but having a sudden and complete change to the way you play a character can end up killing your favourite character in PvE. It can detach you from the roles you enjoy and alienate you, which leaves a certain feeling of resentment, that perhaps if Battleborn had been a PvE game, this wouldn’t have happened. It’s not balancing PvE for PvE.

It’s balancing PvE for PvP.

And when compared with Borderlands, I think that we can see that that’s the case? That’s what I think, anyway. In Borderlands, there wasn’t a mad rush to nerf things to keep a PvP meta going, they could handle balance gently over a longer period.

If they were to separate PvP and PvE balancing, they could do that kind of delicate balancing over time without wrecking someone’s favourite character in PvE just to suit the PvP meta. This would then reduce toxicity between the two groups and actually allow for more kinship to grow. And I think we need that. I think there’s been too much putting PvE and PvP players at odds with one another.

So in my opinion, if the PvE and PvP balances were separated, the PvE stats were set back to launch day values, and then balancing for PvE happened then focused on what they see in PvE rather than PvP? It’d be better.

I’ve always viewed PvP and PvE as completely different systems. I think that by balancing for one as the priority with them both linked harms the other because they’re really not all that related. If one character is slightly overpowered or has strange behaviour in PvE, that isn’t an immediate problem that has to be fixed right away.

I’m not trying to embiggen (heh) the community, here, that’s not my goal. I’m not trying to create arguments, either. I’m just trying to discover whether separating PvP and PvE balance will decrease the gulf between the two groups of players.

Also, as a footnote, if this is too similar to prior threads, please feel free to lock it. My intention wasn’t to just create another thread like there’s been all ready (too many forceful opening statements), but rather to get an actual discussion about this going.

correct me if i’m wrong but i heard that some heroes already get a buff for PvE.

PvP = base balancing stats
PvE = PvP + hotfix like changes ?

From what I understand now, the base damage is set differently in PVP and PVE already. So it’s kind of there already.

As for as going with this further (as in skills, etc.), I would really prefer not to. The reason for this is quite simple. It’s not that there are only people who play only PVP or only PVE. There are a lot who do both. Granted, they may prefer one or another mode more, but still they dabble in other one. And that’s a problem, because if you revert the heroes for PVE to launch state - you need to remember and get used to play the same character based on the mode. Take Ambra for example - in PVP you had to play her more as a melee char and in PVE you could get away with just sucking mobs from range. That’s not good and would make the PVP and PVE even more disjointed.

BTW I’m just curious what balances made for PVP is ruing PVE in your opinion?