Should slows reduce attack speed? I'm starting to feel its a bit much

Slows reducing movement speed makes a lot of sense and is fine.

But slowing movement speed AND attack speed? That’s kind of pushing it. Especially when applied to melee characters. It makes you practically helpless until it wears off.


That’d make the pretty fragile missile turrets even less useful, and some characters (like Whiskey Foxtrot or Kelvin, neither of which are considered very good right now) who rely pretty heavily on slows would suffer greatly from such a nerf.

I want to agree that lowering both movement and attack speed is too much considering how often I’m on the receiving end, but I feel @nyakasgoods makes a really good point (except for the Kelvin part. Kelvin be a beast). Maybe if there were two different slows? Slow only movement speed and slow both movement and attack speed?

How would they suffer greatly? Reducing someone’s movement speed is still amazing in this game. Especially given how easy it makes them to block with your body due to how insanely finicky the collision in this game is. Adding an attack speed slow ontop of it all just makes the person helpless, as if they were stunned. Its a horrible experience.

Kelvin is a beast. CC, CC, and more CC.

Well if it didn’t slow attack speed, I could face plant a thumper as caldy and kill it before I even lose my shield. I can already get it close to 2/3 hp before the first volley hits me, as is. So yes, it’s kinda essential.
Flip side, why don’t accelerators increase attack speed? That actually annoys the hell out of me. Maybe it shouldn’t scale with the slow of a thumper, but I mean half that would be good!

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I don’t think both of those effects on slow are too much, but what I do think is that overall this game has too much CC going on. Especially for a first person game.

What I’d like is “diminishing returns”, the more CC is applied to you in a short window of time, the less effect it should have. Getting chain CCd by slows, blinds, knock backs, knock ups, pulls, stuns… Too much!

Some slows only specifically apply to movement speed, if its any consolation :slight_smile:

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I’m ok with the movement/attack speed. I hate the stupid jump reducyion. Getting stuck on uneven ground because your slowed and therefore not allowed to jump more than an inch irritates me.


There needs to be a distinction between movement speed reduction and “time slowing”.

There are so many things that are not clarified in the menus of this game it’s insane.
Character stats, to name one.

Something i don’t like on the slow is the height of jump that is also reduced a lot

Fine as is, IMO.

I believe reload speed is also affected. That being said, slows are very powerful in this game but I feel are helpful to counter the high mobility and attack speed present in the game currently. They help both with escape and for/against kiting. If they do become a problem I feel that lowering slow duration could be an easy fix though.

I think slow is fine where it’s at, simply because you can still fight. That’s more than you can say for the stun and blind CC effects, which essentially remove your combat ability.

Not a bad idea, though it would result in melee characters being harder to counter.

Range, offhand melee knock back, and sprinting are pretty easy counters to them. They would not be harder to counter.

Uh… Just because melee can be countered in other ways (and, yes, i agree that the ways you mentioned ARE easy enough), does NOT mean that diminishing CC effects would not make it harder to counter. As it stands, Melee characters are given some of the stronger and longer lasting CC effects, to help them close distances easier; and while this would, of course, make it a bit easier to escape from them, it would also make it harder for ranged characters to keep them at bay with thier shorter, less powerful CC effects.

Don’t forget it also takes away your ability to jump.

Slow has screwed me so many times I’ve lost count, but if it didn’t hinder your jumping and attack speed it wouldn’t really be all that effective in my eyes.

I feel the slow to attack speed as well as reload speed when slowed is really harsh. Tot he point where it may as well be a stun because you cant jump, your attacks are useless, and reloading is impossible. It may as well be a stun and almost every character in the game has a slow.