Should species/race matter?

Being robots, shouldn’t Isic, Marquis, and Kid Ultra Pampers be unaffected by most cc effects, such as bleed, wound, blind, maybe even stun? Similarly, they should be immune to Miko’s and Alani’s healing. It seems silly that a robot can be affected by such things. There is a precedent in Pendles, who, because of his race, has resistance to cc.

Changed it to “species”, my science-OCD was acting up. I hope it´s okay :heart:


Maybe we should just call it, “Do androids dream of electric sheep?”


xD I like that, but it´s okay this way too, you can also change it back if wanted^^

Always wondered about the logic of bleeding on robotcharacters as well, I just thought they leak cooling-fluid or something.

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Eldrid get regeneration but give up a shield. Robots get cc immunity but give up healing. Maybe they could use a regeneration needle that contained tiny little nanobots that repaired them in the field, but certainly Miko could not use biosynthesis to heal them.

Grammar-OCD Triggered! (Hint: no apostrophe!)

But anyway… I wonder if it’s like Claptrap? He’s a machine, but in TPS at least he seems to be programmed to think that his metal parts are actually flesh, and he “feels pain” particularly when set on fire (even though he should be more susceptible to corrosion). All of which is ironic given the PA announcements in BL1 “Robolution” from the same claptrap unit, but what’s a good game without plot holes?

Back to Battleborn - maybe the components of the Magnus AI core aren’t completely inorganic, but make use of biological materials (“wetware”)? There’s actually some interesting actual science stuff going on involving all kinds of cells and bacteria, even plants, in terms of developing alternative electronic devices for everything from power generation to computing. All very speculative of course, but BB is set significantly in the future of some universe or other!


I was thinking that Isic and Marquis have been kind of nerfed into obscurity, so maybe something like this would give them back a little something special. It would increase their defensive capability.

If you read the lore entries related to Alani, there’s a reference to something similar being in the water after she’s been swimming in it.

I like how they kinda address this with some of Alanis dialogue. I can’t remember verbatim but it was something like “sure, I can probably fix that”.

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Marquis and ISIC are fine

On robots it’s simply because it’s ba Lance first, lore second, making the robots able to ignore all that is ridiculous, pendles is a passive, eldrid is a faction passive


Thorn and Mellka should be immune to sleep.


(Glaring collectively at @loving-hatred, @FlamesForAll and @KitRyu):
Despite the RUMORS that it’s because we’re FAT, Finisci are highly resistant to the cold.



Hey, I’m on your side!

Like Ernest, Toby Is festively plump!


“space magick”

Is this a DnD “elven trance” reference?

Sounds like.

~Ernest walks into the breakroom, towels and water bottles in hand to see Mellka lounging on the couch with a warm washcloth over her eyes~

Ernest: Get shaking Mellka it’s time for some training!

Mellka: ~grumbles without moving~ Leave me alone Ernest, I’m meditating.

~Thorn passes by break room door~

Thorn: You’re not meditating, you’re hungover. I know the difference.