Should Stun Really Start Cooldown of Moves Not Cast Yet?

For example, playing as Oscar Mike, when you activate your Grenade, you choose where to fire - if you are stunned BEFORE you fire, but are in the process of choosing where to fire, it goes into Cooldown mode…is this really intended? It seems like that’s a mistake.

On the same lines, if an AoE is placed, and then you are stunned (i.e. Shayne and Aurox’s ult) by like a Rath type move, the AoE disappears and cooldown begins…it seems like the AoE should be allowed to finish.


I’ve noticed this too and it’s really annoying. I can’t count how many times I’ve prepared to aim my skill and then I get knocked up or stunned and it goes on cooldown

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Yeah it’s especially annoying when it’s a thrall that cancels it.

This is one of the reasons I’ve changed my settings to instantly activate the skill if the button is pressed rather than taking time to aim it. As long as you are already aiming in the right spot your good to go.

This is annoying with some characters who have a quite loosy skill to aim, like Kelvin’s Frostwall. Heck, I even saw that thing cast BEHIND ME once. Some characters also relies a lot on one specific skill, like Phoebe’s Phasegating, which means we can hardly fire it hoping it will land where we intended. Mostly when trying to climb a wall actually. Or closing a gap.

Because of that I find it hard to switch to instant cast, but truth is, it’s the best thing to do. Instant cast is generally the better option, but it indeed requires some experience to use efficiently…

That is intentional. I usually save my CC’s when an enemy Rath is nearby so I can escape an ult. It’s a way to counter abilities. Almost all MOBA’s do it.

The OP means that cc is cancelling abilities that haven’t been used, such as when aiming a shadowfire pillar. If I was beginning to use it and got cc’d, I’d say bravo, but losing up to 70 seconds worth of cooldown without even using something feels very frustrating.


If a move has an intentional “warm up” period, that happens after you’ve cast, but before it actually goes off … stun SHOULD put this on CD, IMO.

Examples would be Montana’s mansformation or Orendi’s paradigm shift. Montana has the big stomp animation, and Orendi cracks her knuckles as she begins to prep the spell. At this point, the player is 100% committed and interrupting with a stun should come with the full penalty.


If the player is still aiming the spell/skill (either single clicked if set to standard cast, or holding the key if set to quick cast) then they have not committed to anything, and a stun should just cancel the spell without putting it on CD.


It is probably intentional but it shouldn’t be there ImO. Interupting a skill that already started is one thing, but considering the size of some AoE knock up skill/abilities of battleborn/thrall, this isn’t something I can approve at all.


I completely agree with all of this.

I accept how it currently is and am trying to play accordingly, but it just seems like a strange design choice.

I guess at worst being interrupted while readying a cast could result in a very short cooldown, maybe like 3 sec, 6 tops. This way it’s a punish but not as much as enabling the full usual 20s~ ot even 60s on ults. Kind of a localized Silence…


I know, but that is the nature of the game. Useing abilities can be risky. It sucks to lose your ult, but it must be used with tact.

It seems like the crux of the issue is at what point the ability is considered “used”. Clearly, the game currently views an ability “used” when it is being aimed. At this point, it can be cancelled. For me, if something is cancellable, then that means it hasn’t been “used” yet.

And I agree completely that a used (to me, used means the ability has gone on cooldown from use and/or has started the ability animation, point of no return) ability being cancelled/interrupted is okay and abilities, especially ults, should be used with tact because stunning/interrupting/cancelling them is entirely reasonable.


I believe any abilities that get canceled should have a shorter cooldown. Getting knocked out is fine and part of the game but for it to go on full cooldown is a killer for those that have long cooldowns.

If you are aiming the skill and get CC’d, it should not go on CD

If you are starting the animation/casting for it and get CC’d, it should go on CD (Rath ult, Orendi ult, Oscar Mike ult)

This happens to me with ghalt’s hook. I just pressed it once, waiting for the right time to cast it when I got knocked up and lost it.

In smite, if you get cc’d when aiming an ability, you don’t even get knocked out of the “aiming mode”. That makes sense.

Why in the world should you lose the cool down on an ability you haven’t even tried to use?!


For some characters this makes sense, a few abilities have a little bit of a wind up animation before the character will fire off the ability such as Rath when he uses his knock up or Galilea when she uses her ultimate. If a stun or a knock up interrupts this then it puts the ability on cooldown. Shayne and Aurox’s ult also makes sense since the two are connected and Aurox wants to be the one to kill Shayne so it’s something lore related rather then game mechanics. Other then that this is gearbox’s first primarily pvp game so there are bound to be a few issues here and there.


They will get to it eventually and that’s okay. I don’t think it’s game breaking nor a priority anytime soon. They have other things to focus on.

Still nice to discuss though.

I believe more “polishing” will happen throughout Battleborn’s life and i plan on playing for a long time.

Although it can be frustrating if i loose my skill from a player CC, well i should have been more carefull. On the other hand if, in PvP mode, i get my skills/ult on CD from a Thrall, that shouldn’t be happening AT ALL.

I’d say it’s a little gamebreaking when starting to play, if you allow me the expression, “seriously”. It makes no sense to be knocked out of an ability we haven’t even used yet, and it can make or break an entire match to have a skill go on CD when needed because of that.

Are there more pressing issues? Yes, indeed. But I feel like it’s something that could be easily fixed, compared to balance issues or matchmaking or overall population ( MM being directly tied to population being a marketing issue rather than a dev one :wink: )

I agree it’s nice to discuss it sooner rather than later though! I just think it maybe wasn’t expected to work like this and maybe, just maybe, it can be easily adressed :slight_smile: