Should the Hotfix be deleted?

Please press Thumbs up for “Set the Lootsystem back 6 days ago”
Please press Thumbs down for “Lootsystem is fine”

PS: Change the Loottable for some Bosses, so Chupacabra for example drop only his own map items (not worldwide).

I love it to farm at special bosses for special items. But its not fun when i kill a boss 20 times, and only get 0-1 legendary.


I think they’ll need to find a middle ground. As it was at launch, it was too high.
Right now, it seems to be at a rate similar to BL2 at launch.

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Way lower then BL2 at any point right now. It’s terrible. these companies need to learn that they can’t give us rewarding positive feedback then just arbitrarily take it away. There’s other ways to balance.

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I think we need to stop calling it a hotfix. The only thing it fixed was Troy’s pain screams. other then that it’s more of a… hot break. Hot ruin. Hot mess. Hot garbage.

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