Should The Queues Be Returned To The Way They Were Pre-Patch?

If you had an “Other” choice, I’d click that. :wink:

My favored solution right now would be (at least on PC, can’t talk about consoles):

  • Solo/Duo with gamemode voting instead of Quick Match.
  • Draft for premades.

Why? Some explanations here:


Bring back incursion que and qm mode voting. Don’t play draft so only on certain days would be great but that’s just me


This. I’ve gotten 2 matches of meltdown from quick match in two days. Two days of playing about half quick, half draft for a total 8 or more hours. And only two meltdown matches from it all. I like all of the modes. I enjoy them all. But where is meltdown in quick match? I get more incursion matches then I do meltdown from quick match.

Dear GBX,

Please make Meltdown appear more often in quick match, and incursion a little less often. If I wanna play incursion, then I’ll play draft.

This guy!

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PC is back to numbers that can’t afford three queues. Quick match and draft on PC at the same time is silly, because basically no one chooses draft if they can also enter Quick match with a group and can pick whatever they want.

I don’t play draft at all. With how qm is now (no voting) I’ve just been grabbing my daily in bots and playing a different game.

Incursion is the most popular and shouldn’t have been removed


It’s not just you.

I’ve outright stopped playing, but I keep coming back to check the forums everyday, hoping against hope to see that Gearbox came to their senses and made their most popular 2 game types accessible again.

I’m starting to think I’ve developed battered wife syndrome. :disappointed:




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Really real for reals.

I played 1 game after the patch dropped and then dropped out of 2 trying to confirm I wasn’t imagining things. That being, the only available options really were random queue and draft.


I also really, really for reals miss Battleborn.

There should never be different queues on different days.

  1. Solo/duo Q with voting, 24/7
  2. Draft mode with voting, with Inc always one of the three options, 24/7. If Inc always wins, isnt that proof that the majority of players want Inc?
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It’s really not so bad, man!

Get back into it!

You’ll appreciate it more after your absence!

I’ve tried to play a few times, but I have zero inerest in playing capture/meltdown/face off. I just want to play Incursion.

Bummer for the folks that don’t like Inc, but if Inc always wins, that’s just proof that MORE players want to play Incursion. Why would the Qs cater to the minority and lock out the majority from BB’s definitive mode?

Does not seem intended to keep the game alive. Seems like suffocating it to death. Oh, and “free trial”? Why, WHY would this be done other than to confuse and suffocate BB? I believe “F2P” is the phrase they were looking for.


This quote has been getting brought up a lot:

In short, it seems there were some… bureaucratic forces that have kept the game from being truly defined as F2P. Because of this whole “Free Trial” thing, It doesn’t get listed under the F2P section of the Steam Marketplace, for example. It’s not great.

Sadly, I have as well. I had my last few matches yesterday, for the time being. I’d like to play a little more, but the PC version is crashing right back down to that 200 average player mark. It’s a real bummer. Map voting might have slowed the exodus, but the damage has already been done.

Yeah, the patch helped the Versus balance, but it did nothing for the matchmaking, or the Story modes, or the public opinion of the game, or the absurd RNG that returns so very little on investment. I threw away all my Founder’s Platinum into Magnus Packs, and got a Mellka skin, and a Rath taunt, and a bunch of junk. A part of me wishes I had just bought the Benedict Drake skin instead, but does it really matter? There’s not much of a game left to parade around in.

I was thinking of running Solo Algorithm Advanced, to see if I could get Firmware Update or M-Pulse with some flair, but after five runs with no flair on ANY of the Gear drops, I’m thinking the odds are so frustratingly stupid, it’s just a waste of time.

Haven’t uninstalled yet, mostly because I’m not looking forward to having to download the entire game a third time (my ISP might start looking at me funny). Maybe I can move the game files to another drive, then put them back, and verify integrity, I dunno.

For now, it’s time to wait and see what the next round of changes holds, if there will be any further changes at all.

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Thanks for the interesting votes and replies, everyone!

Sorry, I voted that I don’t care, and I’m against that sort of mentality, Oh the humanity.

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Against what sort of mentality?

Not caring?

Yup, we should care. :wink:

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+1 on Solo/Duo w/ quick match voting

although idk how alive the draft mode would be for premades on PC but Solo/Duo queue w/ voting really is necessary to help balance teams and mix teams up for the vets to make things interesting since most of the pre-mades play with the same players

edit: I hear noobs complaining about how long they wait for bot battles they have to play till lvl 3, so I would unlock all the lvl 19 and below queues at lvl 1 with Incursion first so most noobs pick it


Go to properties->local files and click on “Move install folder” and Steam will move it for you. :dukecheese:


Very helpful, thank you.


Seem to remember saying something about missed windows of opportunity and odd decisions…

When we were making that climb to 2000 is when this was needed. The numbers were there to support 3 queues. We could have had solo/duo, QM, and Draft. All with voting. Could have…

Just throwing this out there, Steam Summer Sale. Discount the upgrade even if slightly. Throw those 3 queues in full time. Watch magic happen. Or don’t.

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