Should there be an 'Experience Bar'? Edit: There already is...oops

As the title asks: should there be an ‘Experience bar’? I think yes either somewhere on the play HUD or in the Helix menu just so you know where you in leveling and how far you have to go.

There is. It is circular around your current level display, at least on PS4. It does not have numbers but it shows you how far you have to go.

Off the top of my head there was one in the bottom left corner? It’s in one of the corners anyway. I noticed it after capping one of the helpers.

Well… Is there egg on my face or is there egg on my face… :stuck_out_tongue:

Welp this post was useless.

on your defense, it wasn’t that obvious. i noted it on my third or fourth match, i was also looking for that.

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I wasn’t looking for it, I just noticed that I didn’t see one… I was thinking it should look like the Experience Bar in PVZ:GW2, but the BB one looks nice now that I see it.

For anyone wondering what we are looking at or talking about. It’s on the bottom left corner and has the current level and progression wheel around it.